Termix Flat Thermal Hairbrush

and easy styling

Flat thermal plate aluminum hairbrush especially designed to prepare the hair before using the iron and smoothen straight hair without volume. 

It has a vented design for super-fast drying. The flat thermal hairbrush incorporates ball tipped nylon bristles, gentle with the scalp

Hair type

Ideal for all types of hair. The large size is perfect for medium to long hair, while the small one for shorter hair


Detangled and polished hair
Perfect straightening

How to use

As it is also a thermal brush, with an aluminum base, use the Style.Me Thermo-Protector Shieldy Spray and remove moisture from the hair with the dryer until it is 80% dry. Work with sections and mold each strand by placing the flat brush in the root area and pointing the hair dryer down while sliding the brush through the hair.

Product Features

Its aluminum body allows to withstand high temperatures to give your hair a hair straightener effect

The fibers it incorporates are ideal to fully untangle the hair, protecting it from breakage or possible damage

Functional for both wet and dry hair


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