About Termix


3 years ago, the Spanish hair marketing expert Enrique Dols utterly transformed the sector. He had a unique idea to reduce the drying process: replace the antique, round and wooden hairbrush for an aluminum one. There he had his first biggest invention, on which he bases the whole philosophy of his new brand: Termix. From now, he would dedicate his energy and all the newest technology to improve the daily hairdresser’s comfort.


1 year later, his new associates started opening Termix to the world and developing the new revolutionary idea in the hair market: Termix Evolution, the first range of hairbrushes that would totally adapt every type of hair. So that the brand became every hairdresser’s best ally all around the world, offering for the first time a chance to fully personalize hair care.



The company’s first line of finishing product -Style.Me- is launched as the perfect complement for hair care. The small company founded in 1987 has become leader in the hairdressing industry. Our team, product, and hair artists help us on our way to increasingly improve our values and mission.

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