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Secure Brush

Disinfect, decontaminate and protect your Termix brush!

Alcorapid Secure Brush is an alcoholic solution with an antibacterial complex for the hygiene of hairdressing tools (brushes, combs, shears...), furniture, and surfaces.  Its antibacterial complex is certified as a medical surgical product, regulated by the Ministry of Health.

Alcorapid is specifically indicated to guarantee the maintenance of high hygiene standards, in all high-traffic environments and in decontamination activities of surfaces and equipment sensitive to water.


Hair type

Alcorapid is a cleaning product for surfaces, furniture, and hairdressing tools.


Surfaces and hairdressing tools decontaminated

How to use

Spray directly on the surface or tool to be treated. It evaporates quickly without leaving any trace. Rinse treated surfaces that come in contact with food.

Product Features

·        Professional Use


·        Specialized product for hair salons: quick sanitizer created for your Termix brushes and surfaces. Ideal to use before and after a hairdressing service.


·        With medical surgical certification: The antibacterial complex that it incorporates is certified as a surgical medical product (product or device that contains at least one desinfectant, germicide, bactericide, fungicide or insecticide that is used againsts its corresponding harmful organism, and that is used in professional industries such as medicine or industry and in private sectors for domestic use. The production and distribution of this type of products are regulated by a specific authorization of the Ministry of Health. As European legislation, surgical medical product must be considered biocides.


·        Packaging 100% reciclable:100% recyclable packaging: post-consumer recyclable plastic. The containers are labeled and not printed to allow their recycling and favor the circular industry.


·         Format: 500ml.


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