A pack to get started in the Hairdresser

Termix reissues this famous pack designed for academies, with a new toiletry bag and all the

essential tools in the sector.

This reissue includes a high-quality toiletry bag in black with the Termix logo and, in addition, it carries all the essentials to carry out the first updos, hairstyles, dyes, brushing... The kit consists of three Professional thermal brushes (ø23, ø32 and ø43), the most recognized from Termix, which will allow us to achieve quick drying and will make it easier for us to create hairstyles of all types, with truly long-lasting results and without damage or breakage to the hair. Precisely these diameters are the most demanded in our market. 

Get the best results with this kit! Ideal for all styles.

Hair type

Professional hairbrushes are ideal for all hair types.

The larger the diameter of the tube, the easier you will style long hair, or give greater volume

to your hairstyles.

  • Perfect straightening
  • Curls
  • Waves
  • Long-lasting results
  • Collect hair
  • Apply dye
How to use

Use Style.Me's Shieldy Thermo-Protective Spray and blow dry the moisture from the hair until it is 80% dry.

Work with sections, using the hair clips, and shape each strand by placing the hairbrush at the root area and pointing the hair dryer downward while you slide the brush through the hair.

Use the tint brush to apply hair dye, bleaching and other treatments.

Product Features

The Pack includes: 1 black toiletry bag, 3 Professional hairbrushes (ø23, ø32 and ø43), 2 Professional hair clips, 2 large tint brushes.

Termix Professional brushes are designed with highly heat-resistant fibers and “memory effect” technology; with the application of heat they soften and, after use, return to their usual position and rigidity. Placing the fibers perpendicularly allows better penetration of the hair between them and a better grip. These brushes have a perforated aluminium tube which makes the hair drying process easier and faster. The handle is made of polypropylene, a very resistant and non-stick material, which prevents hair from sticking to the handle. In addition, it incorporates a spike at the bottom, which is used to separate strands of hair with the same brush while you style it, saving time and gaining comfort.

Termix hair clips are designed to collect a large amount of hair, without marking it. In addition, they are also perfect for creating partitions while creating any hairstyle. With steel springs, they contribute to greater elasticity for a strong, prolonged and mark-free grip.

Termix tint brushes are made with high quality fibers. Thanks to their design, they allow the dye to be applied evenly. In addition, they have great resistance to chemical agents typical of dyeing and coloring, being very durable and effective.

The Termix academy toiletry bag is designed in a timeless and elegant color, and offers great resistance and has a large storage capacity. Ultralight and with quality finishes.


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