Termix Power Cut hair clipper

Challenges the

Precision and versatility.

The Power Cut hair clipper is light, comfortable to use and is able to create from the most impeccable fades to the swiftest cuts, thanks to its ceramic blade that can be regulated to 4 different levels.

This tool can be charged and ready for use in just 2 hours and can be used for up to 120 minutes, giving you total freedom to create the style desired. The latest generation motor is silent and of low vibrations, giving better control while in use to ensure the best results possible.

The great attention to detail that has been achieved in its composition is what makes this tool a cut above the rest.

Hair type

All hair types for very short to medium lengths.


Bring out all your potential. Create from perfect Fades, to very hurried cuts with the versatile Power Cut.

How to use

After each use, remove the hair attached to the blade with the cleaning brush. For hair, use one of the Style.Me waxes with the finish you prefer to achieve a groundbreaking look.

Product Features

BLADE: Adjustable ceramic blade, carved with a diamond and with high precision and durability for sharpening. Its system of regulation allows 4 additional cutting heights (1.0mm/ 1.3mm/ 1.6mm/ 1.9mm) to achieve a greater definition and sharpness in cutting.

ONE MOVE CHANGE: Stainless steel comb surface-treated with diamond, very easy to disassemble for a quick cleaning or to change the comb.

CONSTANT SPEED: Quiet and low vibration motor controlled by chip strength and constant cutting power.

DIGITAL SMART: LCD display indicator of the level of battery, load control, oil refill alarm and Turbo function.

CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN: Elegant, ergonomic and wireless for optimal operating comfort. Highly maneuverable.

ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: Guide combs 3/6/9/12mm, cleaning brush, lubricant oil, and charge stand.

POWER: 100 - 240V. 5W

WEIGHT: 200g (without cable)

CUTTING LENGTH: 1.0, 1.3, 1.6 and 1.9 mm




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