HAIR ADVICES — 5 min reading

Why do we insist so much with the Thermoprotector?

HAIR ADVICES — 5 min reading

Why do we insist so much with the Thermoprotector?

At Termix we know that science does not deceive and the only way to protect hair from the heat is through a protection that wraps each hair to make it more resistant. But there is more, in this article we explain why we insist so much with the thermoprotector.

La importancia de utilizar un protector térmico

When we talk about making hair resistant, we are referring to the fact that the thermoprotector must be included in any hair care routine to prevent and treat excessive heating. What you may not know is that in addition to the protective purpose, there are other benefits in its use. If you keep reading, you will discover them.

To this day, the way to achieve a fabulous hairstyle has not yet been invented and worked only with the snap of the fingers. It is still essential to apply heat to the hair to achieve effects that seem like magic.

Let’s review the different functions of the thermoprotector, some of them are well known to you, but others may surprise you.

3 Reasons why you should use a thermoprotector:

  1. Protects you from overheating (and not just from the hair straightener)

It is its best known function, but at the same time that you use the thermoprotector, for its effect to be complete, you should not overlook two maxims: better not to abuse the heat and less passes in each strand.

The irons and curlers must be at a suitable temperature to achieve the finish you are looking for, but without damaging the hair. Between us, you don’t always fulfill it, right? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to remember at what temperature I should use the hair straightener according to my hair. 

 Use a thermoprotective spray before using the dryer, the iron or the curling iron

It is also important to know how to use heat tools. The maxim of less is more in this case is fulfilled. Fewer passes at a slower speed of the iron, you will achieve the effect you are looking for, but respecting the health of your hair. The same with the curling iron, electric brush or even with the dryer. Lower temperature and greater distance.

2. Gives hair shine

Hair shines because light reflects on it. The smoother the cuticle is, the better it will reflect that light. The cuticle is the superficial layer of the hair and consists of about 8 layers that are glued together and to the vertex, protecting its interior.

Heat or dyes cause the surface of the hair  become rougher, causing it to lose the ability to reflect light cleanly and lose its shine.

That is why the regular use of a thermoprotector will control the opening of the cuticle scales, preventing your hair from looking dull.

Use a thermoprotector to give your hair shine

3. Improve hair porosity

You may wonder why it is important to maintain a good level of porosity in your hair. Well, hair porosity is the ability of our hair to absorb and maintain hydration and what does it depend on? Well, neither more nor less than the arrangement of the cuticles. A good arrangement of the cuticles will allow the entry of hydration with ease thanks to its flexibility and on the other hand, it will make it difficult for said hydration to come out.

And … why choose the Style.Me Shieldy Professional Thermoprotective Spray?

Shieldy thermoprotector is an ideal spray for all types of hair that must be vaporized dry or wet prior to using any heat tool.

How does Shieldy thermoprotector work?  Creates an invisible barrier that protects hair from high temperatures. In addition, it includes argan oil extract in its composition that provides extra nutrition against the attacks of high temperatures.

On the other hand, it facilitates ironing and turns your hair into soft, luminous and healthy hair.

Cómo usar el termoprotector Shieldy