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For professional results

It may seem an easy task: grab a blow-dryer and blast with heat.

But there is a mystery behind it and many mistakes that actually damage your hair giving the hair dryer somewhat a bad reputation. So, what’s the smartest and safest way to use a hair dryer?

Our experts answer!


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1. Don’t rub your hair with the towel

Preparing the hair for drying is essential to achieve a good result. After washing it, we will remove the moisture with a towel, with light touches, without rubbing.

2. Choose the right product pre-blowout

If you want healthy and good-looking hair “it is essential to apply moisturizing ingredients and thermal protectors so that the hair retains its flexibility, shine and softness, and makes your blowout last longer“. This is one of the most important tips, since protected hair is less sensitive to the high temperatures of the dryer and, therefore, will be less subject to problems such as dehydration or dryness.

So, to protect the hair perfectly, we recommend using the Style.Me Shieldy thermal protector, which, enriched with argan oil, creates a protective film around the cuticle to protect the hair from the heat of the dryer.

3. Professional-approved options

Are all hair dryers valid? No. Investing in a high-quality tool is important, especially if you have a lot of hair or you’re blow-drying your hair often. So make sure the hair dryer you have is professional:

  • COMPACT: To allow great freedom of movement.

  • LIGHT: To avoid muscle fatigue that usually appears after a long time drying our hair

  • OPTIMAL POWER: «Starting from at leat 1800 of wattage. Its power is what determines the airflow and temperature. Its also very important it has three heat settings including hot, warm and cool; and come with a nozzle attachment.


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4. Adapt heat to your hair type

Heat-powered styling tools “must have a temperature regulator” because not everyone has the same type of hair and each of them “has very specific needs.” For example, thin hair has fewer layers of cuticles, so an excess temperature could dehydrate and damage it.

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5. Clean and maintain your hair dryer properly

To achieve good results, we must have good tools. And the effectiveness of drying depends on its good condition. Experts recommend to clean the removable rear filter to avoid straining the motor and thus “extend our hair dryer’s durability. The good use of the techniques together with the appropriate tools are part of the success of a qualitative drying“.

6. Choose the correct hairbrush

When it comes to choosing a brush, the type you use should depend on the results you’re looking for and your hair type. Brushes must be adjusted to the needs of the hair, since it will visibly change the result that we will obtain. The Evolution round Brushes for example adapt to each type of hair: Evolution Soft, guarantees maximum softness for thin hair, Evolution Basic, perfect for medium hair and Evolution Plus, with fibers thicker to shape and control thick hair.

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7. Keep your distance

We must always maintain a minimum safety distance between the dryer and the hair so that the nozzle does not touch the cuticle and damages it, expert advice. The use of the nozzle will help us to have control over the air flow over the section in which we work.

8. Play with the temperature

Playing with the temperature is a tip to keep in mind, since the heat allows shaping the hair, while the cold helps to fix the hairstyle.

9. Use the right technique according to the desired result

When using a thermal brush, we will use the appropriate technique depending on the result we are looking for and the hair we are working with. For example, for fine straight hair: “We will start drying from roots to ends in one direction and try to move the hair as little as possible.” If, on the other hand, we are looking for hair with volume, “we will lift the sections of hair and dry from roots to ends in reverse”.

como secar correctamente el cabello con secador