Hair advices – 3 min read

Valentine’s day: 5 expert tips for loved up sales!

Hair advices — 3 min read

Valentine’s day: 5 expert tips for loved up sales!

It’s that time of year when hearts and romantic imagery start to appear all around us. A reminder to those in love that it’s time to get their other half a thoughtful gift to mark the day. For some it simply means feeling the pressure of looking for a gift. For others, it’s the perfect occasion to declare their unwavering love to that special someone with a thoughtful gesture. However, one thing is certain: the loved up consumer is ready to spend top dollar to make a lasting impression.

Each year, more brands join the Valentine’s day kerfuffle, to get their share of the love economy. Its no longer just about chocolates and roses. In fact, that’s almost a little dated for many! A more personal gift will truly catch the consumer’s eye.

Statista have said it: Valentines’s day sales are on the up each year. In the U.K., £650 milion was spent in 2018, which is 30 million more compared to 2017. There’s no denying the growth in love-related sales. On an even larger scale is the U.S., with the average consumer spending $143.56 in 2018, which amounted to a staggering total of $19.6 billon in gifts!

While the National Retail Federation has recorded that fewer people are spending on the date, those that do are spending more and more each year, with an expected 13% more ($167.96) this year compared to 2018 ($143.56).

So where do beauty products come in to play, you might ask? Well, they also have their part in increased sales. First on the list are perfumes, however hair products and accessories come at a close second, with 35% of the sector’s total sales, with the most popular product being hair straighteners.

So you get it; It’s time to up your sales’ game for this big day of love-laced gifts. We’ve got some top tips inspired by the statistics mentioned above, to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s Valentine’s sales.

1. Make sure your online content is updated on time

There’s one big no-no for dates such as these, not getting the timing right. It starts with your marketing and advertising: the time is now. Filling your web page and social media with all things love-related is key. A good slogan and design goes a long way.

2. Deliver when expected

Next on your timing checklist is making sure you’re able to deliver the package on time, or else your sale will be converted into a refund and an unsatisfied ex-potential consumer, who will make sure to tell his entire entourage how you ruined their valentine’s gift plans. –Ouch. The deadline for placing orders to arrive on time should be clear, and the planning behind making the date needs to go like clockwork to ensure your objectives are met.

3. Help your customer with his purchase

How many of us find it difficult to get something special for the loved one that has it all? Enhancing your product with a few chocolates, or a rose makes it easier for your potential customer and that’s what it’s all about. Get creative in this area and you’ll be sure to ace that sale opportunity.

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4. Make it special

Packaging is everything. Not only will it set you appart from the rest, but it will make sure it’s yours they choose over another brand. Giving extra attention to detail will give a lasting impression so that they remember you for next year and spread the word on how good it looked.

5. Offer options for friends, family and for the shopper

Not everyone is in a relationship looking to impress a lover, make sure you don’t leave these people out! Some brands have started doing “anti-valentines” gift, as a novelty for those who are single and loving it, which is also a great option to increase sales at this time. Remember that you can inspire alternative sales, by giving great gift ideas for family and friends at this time. Statista has also shown that it is a time when the buyer also buys for him or herself, so self love is another idea to get the sale ball rolling. Don’t leave any potential target out of the love loop!

So there you have it, all the right moves to increase your sales with a little love this Valentine’s day!