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Termix always with you


The Coronavirus crisis is making us live difficult, changing and unimaginable moments. But behind the sadness, the losses and the uncertainty, hides the solidarity, the strength, and the union. And time…. Time to think, learn, value … TIME TO THANK.

For this reason, together with our ambassadors and collaborators from different parts of the world, we want to pay this small tribute to all the professionals who do your work with such passion and dedication. And for those endless hours, those confusing moments, those words that are not said… this is for you.

Thanks to Olga G. San Bartolomé, Manuel Zamorano, Luis Miguel Mori, Antonio Garrido, Álex Torres, Naomi Gayoso, Boris Soler, Héctor Carvajal, Gonzalo Leonidas, Alexis Díaz, Arthur Heiderick, Jordi Pérez, Landry Agres, José Valle, Albert Catalán , Fermín Díaz, Juanjo Ruzafa and Daniel Alvarado… Thank you for giving voice to our thoughts and staying with us.

Because we were never so close …