Hair Advices — 2 min. of reading


Hair Advices — 2 min. of reading


You have dull hair, but you refuse to cut it. Is it possible to recover your health in another way? At Termix we explain what you have to do if you want to show off a mane with life, shine and movement.

It is possible that when you have to choose a shampoo to wash your hair, you doubt which one is better because you have different elements to take into account. For example, you have dry and even split ends, but at the same time your root is oily. How to treat both areas without mistreating the other?

Here’s some expert tips on keeping your hair health and preventing dehydration without using excessive amounts of conditioner and masks. And also, alleviate split ends and not have to cut them so often.


Any professional in the world of hairdressing knows that the most important thing for hair health is to keep it hydrated. And for this, we must start with the care of the scalp, which will cause strong and healthy hair. In fact, the shampoo only needs to be applied to the scalp and not to the ends so as not to damage them further.

But is there a remedy for the driest ends? It can be very useful to apply revitalizing oil to the ends before washing. In this way, the oil repels the shampoo to a certain extent so that it does not have as much cleaning power in an area that does not really need that cleaning.


It is clear that other factors play a role that are also very important. If you constantly use heat tools for your hair, make sure they are quality. Choose hair dryers and hair straighteners with temperature regulator. For fragile hair it is recommended to use temperatures between 120 and 180ºC. Any higher would damage your hair even more!

Brushes also play an important role against hair breakage. At Termix, we offer a wide variety of brushes adapted to the type of hair. For example, if you have porous, dry and dull hair, you can opt for the Gold Rose range of brushes.


It is imperative to always use a heat protectant product before using a heat tool. You will protect your hair, whether it is damaged or not. Then, to recover it, opt for a serum for the ends. Silky, made up of bamboo extract and sweet almond oil, is perfect for adding extra shine to hair and preventing split ends.


Did you know that nutritionists just look at a person’s hair to know if they eat healthy or not? Take note: zinc from pumpkin seeds or chocolate to repair hair; the omega 3 from salmon will give you shine and with the folic acid from lettuce or spinach you will gain elasticity. And most importantly: drink lots of water!