Hair advices — 3 min read

How to straighten hair with a flat paddle brush

Hair advices — 3 min read

How to straighten hair with a flat paddle brush

Straight, shiny and smooth hair is always in style. Over decades, straight hair has been one of the best hairstyling choices for many women all over the world, and still it is. However, hair straightening at home is not easy especially when it comes to do it with a round brush or avoiding the flat iron for a more natural effect. Thus, blow drying your hair with a flat paddle brush can be then the easiest and best way for achieving a professional look. Check these six steps and get the perfect look without effort:

Step 1.

Untangle the hair properly.  You can do it with the same paddle brush which you will use afterwards for the drying.

Step 2.

Eliminate humidity. Take the maximum of humidity, between 70 – 80%, and blow dry in the same direction you will want your hair to be when straight. Also, maintain the blow dryer in the right position: make sure you’re always pointing the nozzle of your blow-dryer down.

Step 3.

Part your hair to work more comfortable. Make the first partition just where you want it to be (side, middle…). In the example, we want a symmetrical middle parting so we just draw a line from the center and separate both sides. In the back area, we again divide and mark a central line and we carry it forward on the sides to be able to dry more easily.

Step 4.

Get into action: Blow dry your hair using the paddle brush in an upward position (bristles looking up). At the same time, follow its movement with the blow dryer from roots to tips.

*In this case, we are working with a thin hair. However, If you have a big amount of hair or this is too thick, we recommend using more partitions and blow drying smaller strands at one time to achieve better results.

Step 5.

For more volume: We will work like this entirely. If you want to get more volume in the upper part of the head, just place the paddle brush behind and blow dry the front area. Wait until it cools down and ¡you got it!

Step 6.

Excellent result: Finally, you will get a perfect sleek look, just using your prefessional hair dryer and the Termix paddle brush.