Hair advices — 3 min read

Is it worth cutting your hair in summer?

Hair advices — 3 min read

Is it worth cutting your hair in summer?

A new haircut always goes with a changing, a new beginning. It gives you that special style, that fresh new image of yourself that you can’t wait to brag about. You feel yourself, perfectly blending in the trend. So that we answer the question right away… Summer is indeed a good time to cut your hair and make it saner. So go for it and read here about what might be your future haircut!

Why especially in summer?

Of course, a traditional haircut a few days before getting back to work is always a good option. After your holidays and a good gush of sun, sand and salt, your hair probably needs a refresh.

But there’s nothing wrong in cutting up your hair during summer itself, as it will strengthen it and help you making it brighter than ever on the beach.

And as you might have noticed, when you’re on holidays, around water, your hair seems to get growing faster. Which might actually be true… Because in wet and humid areas, your hair’s cells are dividing faster and so do they regenerate the capillary fibre. Hence, your hair seems to grow, but in the same time, too much humidity directly aggresses the core of your hair.

So that cutting shears might be great allies, not only to boost your personality, now that you’re away from work and daily obligations, but also to help fixing the damages you can cause to your hair while exposing it to sun, chlorine and other small dangers.

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How wonderful can a short hair be

Much more convenient and handy

This, you’ll notice! It will only take you a few minutes and a single fingers passing in your hair to fulfill your new morning routine. Whatever appointment you have, you can go running to it, without risking a disastrous mane effect. You can jump into a plane, catch a train, go to your favorite beach without thinking one second about your ruined hairdo. Even with a straight bob: one single iron passing and you’re good to go!

Ready in a flash

A simple argument now, that you can’t reject: you’ll spend less time under the shower, with special treatments, creams, shampoos and other thousands of products. A mask once in a while is always welcome – mostly in summer – but you definitely won’t need to use that much lotions and you’ll considerably reduce the drying time. Still not convinced?

A new freedom

Apart from the obvious freedom from the daily necessity to know what to do with your hair, you can also escape the eternal dilemma around which trend to follow. A feminine injunction to tie up your hair, be elegant, be smart, or to at least give your hair a semblance of shape… With a short hair, you can say goodbye to this mental obligation, and let your hair loose, wear it wild or wear it super straight, it’ll take you less time and energy to solve inexistent dilemmas.

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A necessary changing of look

How long have you been wearing your style? You might have found just the right, perfect personal look and want to stick to it. But if you have the slightest doubt, start thinking about it: summer is generally the perfect occasion for a break in your busy life, and a good time to question what you want to change, in every field.

Starting with a new style, which could rise up your self-confidence and renew your energy for a while. A shorter haircut will change your features, set the focus on other zones, underline another side of your face and personality. So, which part of your inner you do you want to display from now on?

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Just a lack of ideas? Follow their example!

If you’ve been hesitating, for at least a few seconds, then you definitely have to experience the thrill of cutting your hair. But you might be short on ideas, and this is why we’ve been selecting a few famous hairstyles for you:

The Carré haircut (square bob) is back, and so are the Midi waves

You know Jennifer Lawrence? As a bold actress, she’s been experiencing a huge variety of haircuts, and we actually love her messy waves on a Midi haircut (photo), which softly make her rounded face thinner. As for Taylor Swift, we kept our attention on her former Carré, 1920’s style, giving her angelic features. And what about the actress Margot Robbie? Well, her Hollywood waves on the shoulders give her a very smart style and we simply love it!

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For those who dare: the extreme Pixie

If you’ve firmly reached the decision to go for short hair this summer, you might want to try the boldest version of all: the pixie style. Which means as extremely short as it is feminine. With a simple accessory or a touch of makeup, you’ll just be the center of all attentions.

As a model, we give you Scarlett Johansson or the Zoë Kravitz boyish hairstyle… Finally convinced?

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Shoulder-length waves

For those who still like hairdos and moulding their hair as they like, there’s the option long bob and the wavy version of it will perfectly suit them! Undo your waves with the hand after using the iron and mess it up a bit, for a Cate Blanchett style. Or play it pure and wavy, with a middle-parting, Alicia Vikander’s style.

And now, which change will you afford? Go for a short haircut and read more about how to take care of it, so that it doesn’t grow wrong later.

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