Hair Advices — 3 min. reading


Hair Advices — 3 min. reading


Are you tired of struggling with tangles in your hair? Have you ever cut the knots? Tangled hair can drive you crazy! Put aside the scissors and follow these steps carefully if you want to have a mane with zero tangles.

Whether it’s because of your hair type or the weather conditions (wind, rain, beach…), having tangled hair is no fun at all. Also overexpose it to many products. Or on the contrary, the lack of hydration plays an important role. And if blow-drying isn’t done correctly, hair pulling can cause pain. And let’s not say for the hair’s health, breaking it!

What can we do about it? Termix tells you the solution. The first thing you should know is: you shouldn’t force the hair, as it would only make the situation worse. You must brush it in a way that is safe for your scalp and its health.


Moisturize your hair using nourishing products such as masks during the shower. This will help smooth out the hair. A tip from Termix: use an oil before washing your hair and brush it. Let it sit for a few minutes before you get in the shower to amplify the hydration effects. Termix Revive Style.Me oil provides softness and elasticity to the hair, thanks to the quinoa and orchid extract it contains.

Once the hair is washed, use a microfiber towel. Its fabric helps dry hair faster, absorbing moisture and reducing frizz.

Divide the hair into sections: two, six, eight… Depending on the amount of hair you have. Use the Termix Styling Hair Clips to prevent the hair from breaking. Use them gently.

Spray each strand with Termix Detangler Style.Me spray. It’s an instant detangling product with a strengthening anti-breakage and anti-split ends formula. It’s enriched with castor oil, with very beneficial properties for hair such as stimulating hair growth, preventing split ends and enhancing hair’s natural shine.

To detangle the hair we will use the Termix Paddle brush. Thanks to its thick nylon fibers, it is a brush suitable for detangling wet and dry hair. You should start untangling the hair from the bottom up (from the ends to the roots). With slow and short movements. Placing the hair on top of the palm of the hand, as if it were a base, will be more comfortable. And proceed to pass the brush slowly. When you notice that it pulls, focus the brushing on that area very carefully to untangle the knot. Little by little you will get it!


What should you know before starting? The type of your hair. Detangling fine hair is easier than thick, wavy hair. The reason? The brush can more easily cut through small tangles in fine hair. On the other hand, thick hair requires a gentler and more concentrated blow-dry to detangle it.

Luckily, Termix has found the solution for both types of hair. We have prepared an ideal pack to say bye to tangled hair. The Termix Professional Tangle-Free Hair Set is made up of the Termix Detangling brush, the Professional Black round brush, the Detangler Style.Me spray, tweezers to help separate the strands, a small and practical mirror and an ideal bag for take your Termix products anywhere. Goodbye to impossible knots!