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How to clean your hairbrush

(And why it is important)

In the same way that we clean makeup brushes and utensils after using them, it is also important to do so with our hair brushes. Selecting and applying a washing and disinfecting routine for our hair brushes is essential to keep them always ready and without bacteria. But, you are not sure on how to disinfect and keep your hair brushes clean and why you should do it regularly? Keep reading!

The COVID-19 crisis has sharpened our senses when it comes to hygiene and safety routines. Maintaining a safe distance, using a mask or washing hands properly are actions that have already become part of our routine.

And in the same way that we introduced these small, but important actions, it is also essential that we do the same with our hair brushes and other hairdressing tools.

Why should I clean and disinfect my hairbrush?

Whether you are a professional stylist or not, the hairbrush is a tool that you use every day. This high frequency of use causes the brush to accumulate hair, product, dust mites, dead skin cells, and the natural oils of your hair. That buildup can turn your hairbrush into a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, and that is no good! So, it’s a hygiene issue!

In addition to this, omitting a proper washing routine can reduce the life of our brushes, as well as their effectiveness. And, without realizing it, you will be depositing dirt or product buildup on your hair, making it greasy and dull. So, if you want to keep your hair looking fabulous, remember to have your hairbrush clean!

Maintaining a correct washing and disinfection routine, we will ensure that our hairbrushes are always safe and we will keep them free of bacteria and ready for use.

How to properly clean and disinfect my hairbrush?

1. Remove any hair

Using a brush cleaner or other fine-toothed comb, remove any excess hair that may have stuck between the bristles or fibers. For more safety, or if you work in a salon, you can use silicone gloves for this procedure.

2. Wash your hairbrush

Wet the brush with lukewarm water to soften any remaining product on the hairbrush.

3. Lather the hairbrush and rinse it

Apply soap between the fibers and rub, helping you with the brush cleaner that you have used previously. Brush in one direction only, pulling the hair out of the bristles with each movement and helping to create lather. Then rinse with plenty of water.

4. Boost safety with Alcorapid to disinfect

Once dry (you can use the hair dryer to speed up the process), spray the new Style.Me Alcorapid spray. It is an alcoholic solution made up of an antibacterial complex that instantly disinfects and decontaminates hair brushes. For fast, safe and hygienic brushing.

Want to know more about this new product? Watch the video!!!


With these simple steps, you will always have your favorite hairbrush ready for use. Or, if you work in a salon, sanitized to serve the next client with the greatest security.

In addition to this daily washing, you must bear in mind that, at least once a week or after each service – in case of being a professional stylist – we must sterilize the hairbrush. We can do it using professional sterilizers that work with ultraviolet light, but, as not all of us have this, there are homemade methods to sterilize our brushes.

  • Mix ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ of warm water.
  • ¼ of ammonia and 1 cup of warm water
  • 1/6 of tea tree oil and a cup of warm water
  • Mix ½ cup of ALCORAPID and ½ of warm water.

Thus, after removing the hair and wetting the brush with warm water, we will begin the disinfection procedure. Choose one of these four mixes and soak the brush in the preparation for 30 minutes. Afterwards, lather it up and rinse it to eliminate any possible odors. Store in a closed individual bag until next use.
We hope these tips have been helpful to you. We wait for you in the next post!