Hair advice — 3 min read

Healthy and bright hair? This is the secret…

Hair advice — 3 min read

Healthy and bright hair? This is the secret…

One of the main causes of our weak and dull hair is the frequent use of high temperatures. The repeated use of the hair dryer or of the styling iron can lead to dehydration of our hair, thus becoming prone to frizz and without its natural brightness.

However, don’t panic! The most important thing is to eliminate the bad habits associated with these two professional hairdressing tools. And, because every hair is different and unique, your styling technique may need to be adjusted. Setting and using the correct temperature for your hair type is the key to healthy and perfect hair.

The wrong use of hair straightener

So, regulating the temperature of our hair straightener becomes a must if we want your hair to not lose its natural beauty and fluffiness. And, as when ironing your clothes, you need an iron that adapts to every fabric type just to make sure you don’t damage your favorite linen pants or cashmere sweater. Thus, the 230º Black Edition hair straightener is the best option. Because its plates -100% ceramic- incorporate an intelligent temperature regulator that allows to adapt the heat from 130 to 230ºC. In this way, you will never apply excessive heat to your hair.

So, which is the correct temperature for my hair type?

Thin hair

This is the first type of hair. But, how to recognize it? If when you do an updo you are constantly letting go small strands, your hair is fragile, and you use an insane quantity of fixing products … then this is probably your hair type!

What is my ideal temperature?
Between 130 and 160 ºC. This type of hair is characterized by being especially brittle and sensitive, so, these degrees would be more than enough to smooth or mold it to perfection.

Medium hair

The second type of hair. When there is humidity, it usually curls a lot. On the other hand, if you do not use softeners or masks, the hair feels rough to the touch and quite dull. As if that were not enough, he usually gets tangled up just by looking at it. If you feel identified with this, bingo! You’ve found your hair type.

What is my ideal temperature?
Your ideal temperature is … From 170 to 190 ºC. This type of hair tends to dehydrate, so it is essential that we regulate the temperature applied to each strand, trying not to exceed 200ºC. Also, it would be advisable to use a thermal protector before using the iron.

Thick hair

You have a hair with a lot of density, a lot of weight, and difficult to control. That is, you spend a lot of time shaping and smoothing it before you get the final finish you wanted so much. Congratulations, your hair is thick.

So, what temperature do I use?

From 200 to 210ºC. With this, you will manage to shape the hair perfectly without fear of damaging it. Remember that the 230ºC are only for treatments (like keratin) only to be used by a hairdressing professional.

And what about the hair dryer?

We have also talked about the dryer, one of the professional hairdressing tools that, if misused, can dehydrate the hair. It is best to always dry the hair from top to bottom and at a medium power and temperature. And if you can, wait 10 minutes more in your drying so that the remaining 20% ​​of drying is done outdoors.

Do you want more tips?

Massage the scalp. A gentle massage before or during the washing of the hair helps the activation of the sanguineous irrigation and, with this, the roots of the hair are oxygenated. Thus, we will get our hair grow faster and much healthier.

Use a dry shampoo. Washing your hair every day is not the best solution. Use dry shampoo to keep it clean and graceful for longer.

Before the dryer, use a microfiber towel. Or a cotton shirt. Without rubbing, light touches on your hair. In this way you will eliminate excessive humidity and avoid the magnifying glass effect when we use the dryer.

Warm or cold water, the best option. A little cold water after the usual hair washing will enhance its shine. A faster drying, is a healthier hair. A quick brushing with the Evolution brushes, which allow to reduce the drying time by 30%, will help us to keep our hair much healthier by reducing the heat exposition time.

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