Advices hair dryer— 3 min read

Can your hair dryer control its temperature? Here is why you need it

Advices hair dryer — 3 min read

Can your hair dryer control its temperature? Here is why you need it

The hair dryer: from best ally to best enemy. Choosing the right hair dryer is a real mission, and might turn out to determine your hair health for good. And so that you won’t have to wander for too long between ranges of hair dryers and find the right accessory for a shiny, natural hair, we give you today 7 good reasons to choose the perfect hair dryer.


Light and ergonomic

It might seem useless but the weight actually matters a lot when it comes to hair dryers. Because, what you might not know is how much you can move your arm and wrist when making a brushing… It can be up to 430 repeated movements for a semi-long hair! And that’s not all…

A perfect hairdryer must be light and easy to handle

A professional stylist or hairdresser will use a hairdryer several times in the same day and might need all the possible support so that he doesn’t physically suffer from his work. The Termix Compact 4300 hairdryer weights about 850gr, with a very light but powerful motor, to relieve from its own constant use.

Long-lasting and resistant

Who doesn’t ever drop anything? Our accessories might fall on the floor several times a day, and this is why Termix gave a major resistance to all its products. The Compact 4300 hairdryer is made of strong, lasting material that resist impacts and the use of time. Its shock-absorbing polymer protects it from breaking if it falls or any major damage.

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Its anti-shock system protects the hair dryer from falling and accidents

And this special, high-quality material also guarantees the good inside state of the hair dryer. It protects the motor and allows this professional tool to stay by your side for longer.

With ionic technology

Like our hair irons, the Compact professional 4300 hairdryer is made of a new, innovative ionic technology. How is that of any help? Well, ionic technology is, in a way, the invisible hand caressing and controlling the hair, thus eliminating static electricity.

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Negative ions keep the hair naturally hydrated

When the hairdryer is on, it generates negative ions which naturally undo the water molecules humidifying the hair, and scatter it into micro particles for an easy absorption through the hair fiber. So that the hair dries up faster whilst keeping its full natural moist and shining brighter and cleaner than ever.

A vital temperature control and cold air switch

Every type of hair has its own rules and demands, so that each must be respected and treated the best way possible. A hair dryer implies a direct heat exposition, and must thus be a well-controlled professional hair tool in order to protect the capillary fiber from harm and dehydration. This is where the temperature control system is at stake: the ideal hair dryer must be equipped with such one.

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You must be able to select the right temperature among a variety of possibilities, so that every kind of hair can be respected.

Regulating the temperatures implies playing with strength as well and should include a cold hair switch that can protect the hair while working on it, helping closing its cuticle so that it does not break or weakens. The Compact professional 4300 hairdryer is equipped with these two systems: a temperature selector and a cold hair switch.

Not overpassing the heat limit

One of the main traditional uses of a hairdryer is to make brushings, to give an extra move and shine to our hair. We often use the nozzle for that purpose, without noticing that this accessory implies a consequent increase of the heat which might be as hard on our hair as it might be on the hairdryer itself.

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Overheating might be dangerous for the hair as for the hairdryer itself

This is precisely why the Compact professional 4300 hairdryer includes a thermal security switch that efficiently protects the hair against an intense overheating. How? As the resistor’s temperature starts rising up, the hair dryer automatically sends a cold airflow to cool it down and reach back the right temperature. This is a guarantee of sanity for your hair and a booster for your hairdryer, which will last for much longer.

Equipped with the right accessories

Curly hair, short hair, long, thin, greasy, head down or in the open air drying process… There are a lot of ways to dry and shape hair. So, what we need is a polyvalent hairdryer that will adapt every situation, every desired hairdo and every kind of hair.

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A good hairdryer must come with the right complements to fit any technique and any kind of hair

The Compact professional 4300 hairdryer comes with two rotating nozzles for fashioning all the looks and trending hairstyles, and adapting the length and thickness of the hair. It also includes a special accessory for curled hair, which often seem to be forgotten: a universal silicone diffuser with flexible bristles and a rotating base for a better temperature control and a perfect protection of sensible curly hair.

Executing the best and most precise hairdos (without damaging the hair)

What we seek for, in the end, is a simple result: to display a sane, strong and naturally shining hair. The main condition is to correctly protect it while using professional hair tools which will heat it up. You should never have to restrain your creative impulses, so we made sure you’d be able to perform your best hairdressing skills with the less risk. Try it, you won’t need anything else!