Hair advices — 3 min read

Hairbrush guide: 5 reasons to choose a C·Ramic brush

Hair advices — 3 min read

Hairbrush guide: 5 reasons to choose a C·Ramic brush

Hairbrushes come in different styles, sizes and materials and with all the brushes available in the market it is difficult to understand which is best for you. Today we bring up all the advantages of hairbrushes that feature ceramic technology. Discover why the Termix C·Ramic brushes can offer you maximum hair care:

5 reasons why to choose a C·Ramic brush

1. Brightness

Thanks to their ionized nylon 6.6 bristles, the Termix C·Ramic hairbrushes emit negative ions, which counteract positive ions in hair, eliminating static electricity. Negative ions also repair and seal damaged hair cuticle, and locks in hair’s natural oils for a smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.

2. Hair care

Ceramic is an inorganic material that heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. Thus, ceramic brushes heat up quickly and so speed up hair drying process. By shortening the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat from blow dryer, ceramic hairbrushes help avoid hair damage.

3. Ergonomy

The Termix C·Ramic hairbrushes have a very comfortable design to work during hours, with very low and optimally balanced weight to avoid wrist fatigue. The handle is treated to be slip-resistant and incorporates a sectioning pick in the bottom which helps to separate the strands of hair with the same brush as it molds, thus saving time and gaining comfort.

ceramic hairbrush

4. Versatility

Most brands available in the market offer only 5 different sizes of ceramic hairbrushes. You can find the Termix C·Ramic hairbrushes in 8 different diameters for every hair type and length.

5. 2-year guarantee

All the Termix hairbrushes have two years of guarantee. They are designed and manufactured in Spain, with European quality certification. Moreover hairbrushes are assembled by heat and are verificated manual and unitary for a long-time usage (estimated about 8 years).

You can also find special and limited editions of the C·Ramic hairbrushes range, like the one available in this year Pantone Colors.

Check this comparative chart with all the Termix C·Ramic hairbrushes characteristics.

ceramic hairbrush