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Hair wax guide

How to choose the most suitable for you

If you have come this far it is because you are probably undecided on how to choose the right hair wax for you. And although we are all clear that waxes have displaced hair gel in recent years to fix and style our hairstyles, the truth is that there are countless variables to take into account before finding the best hair wax. So with the help of the barber Arthur Heiderick we clarify what you should look for to get the hair wax right and thus have an effortless impeccable look.

Video: Arthur Heiderick presents 5 ways to change your hairstyle with waxes and gel

What should I look for before choosing my hair wax?

1.The effect I want to give my hair with wax

Waxes generally give hair a natural, casual look and work for almost all styles. Even so, depending on the wax you choose, you will get a different hairstyle and finish:

  • Matty: More casual styles, with their own style and matte finish
  • Sculpty: heavier, more texture and for more classic hairstyles or longer hair
  • Brighty: Natural looks with a glossy finish
  • Fibrous: Ideal for adding texture to hair and shaping more creative styles

2. Wax fixation level

Not all hairstyles require the same level of hold. So depending on the durability and effect that you want to give your hairstyle, you should choose a wax with a greater or lesser degree of fixation. The less hold, the more natural the style will be, the hair will move more easily, and the less weight it will add to the hair. On the other hand, the more hold, the longer the hairstyle will last and the more control you will have over it. You should also consider that not all hairstyles require the same type of fixation, so it is important to consider your needs very well before choosing a product.

3. An easy-to-remove hair wax

One aspect to take into account is that the wax that you apply does not leave residues on the hair or the scalp and therefore does not leave it greasy or caked. It is important that it is soluble in water.

4. Find the right texture

It may seem like a matter of taste, but the texture allows us an adequate distribution and function of the product. The waxes usually have different types and do not have to coincide with the degree of fixation. There are compact but also soft and light waxes.

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5. That has natural ingredients

It is not only important to properly style the hair, but to take care of it. For this, it is essential to bet on professional waxes and with natural ingredients that provide a restorative and nutritional effect.

Orchid: considered one of the most beautiful flowers, the orchid also has multiple benefits for the hair. Its extract helps protect and moisturize the hair, reducing oxidation caused by external agents such as the sun or chemical treatments. Thus, it manages to maintain the color for longer.

Quinoa: Quinoa is a super cereal with essential amino acids, mineral elements and trace elements that prevents hair loss and nourishes hair follicles thanks to its proteins. It also helps eliminate dandruff and seal split ends.

Kaolin: Kaolin is a type of white clay that has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times thanks to its absorbent power. Applied to the hair, it maintains capillary health in perfect condition, as it maintains the elasticity and natural moisture of the hair. It also manages to increase oxygenation, stimulates growth and regulates sebum production. Thus, it acts as a tonic that absorbs waste and toxins from the hair.

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How do I apply the wax?

Once you’ve chosen the right wax, you have to know how to apply it. Hair waxes work best on dry hair as a finishing product. First heat the wax in your hands, applying the right amount, and then distribute from the roots to the ends giving it the shape you want.

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