Hair advices — 2 min read

Keeping your hair clean for longer is easy, if you know how

Hair advices — 2 min read

Keeping your hair clean for longer is easy, if you know how

It’s a common thought that a clean hair needs a strong shampoo. Well it’s only a part of the equation, since nutrition and brushing are at least as essential. This is why you ought to choose the right comb and brush for your hair, and learn how to clean them as well. Today we’ll give you the best tips for a neat, lustrous hair.

Daily brushing keeps the dirt away

Brushing your hair everyday washes off pollution particles that often nest there. If you do it on a daily basis, you’ll keep your hair cleaner and for longer. A perfect moment for brushing is at night, just before going to bed so that you stimulate the microcirculation in your scalp to strengthen the hair and give it a useful break. But remember ! Always brush your hair from the mid to the ends, so that you won’t spread the scalp’s natural grease over.

Sleeping with your hair tied? Good idea!

When your hair runs free during your sleep, it starts living its own life. Which means entangling and frizzing, and accumulating thus more dirt than it should. The best way to prevent that would be to sleep with a loose braid.


Never underestimate your hairdryer

How can your hairdryer assist you in your mission to keep your hair clean for long? Elementary, my dear Watson: thanks to the combined effect of a medium heat from a professional hairdryer and slight cold hair blasts on the roots which create volume. This will prevent the hair from keeping flat and dirty. It is also very important to properly dry your hair well before going to bed, as humidity would not fit it.

Take care of your favorite brushes and wash them

Residual traces of shampoo, of hair gel or wax… A lot of products get mixed in your hair everyday and, this, in your hairbrushes. You wouldn’t spend a month without washing your hair, right? Well, the same way you would take care of it, you should clean your brush or comb from everything that sticks inside everyday. Because displaying a healthy, neat hair is actually a constant work. How to clean your brush easily? Here are a few original tips for you:

Grab your hairbrush and start quitting the hair that got entangled there, using this handy little Termix tool that will simplify everything, if you can’t seem to take them all off using just your fingers. This professional and pocketable hair accessory fits in every bag or vanity case. Then you can spray drops of soap and water to wipe up the rest of dirt, always brushing the fibers in the same way. Then rinse your brush under water before drying it with a cloth or a towel.

Keep a cool head

Simply add cold water to your shower routine and you’ll feel the difference. Rinse the ends with tepid or cold water will tighten up the cuticles and strengthen your hair fibers. That way it also gets shinier and brighter.

Nutrition is vital

As your skin reacts to the type of food you ingest, so does your hair. You might notice, when you eat lots of cheese or delicatessen for instance, a slight change in your skin. Well, your hair does the same. The more sugar and saturated fat you eat, the more sebum you produce. The better you’ll eat, the brighter hair you’ll show.

Now you’ve got all the elements, you can elaborate your own daily hair routine and shine an incredible hair!