HAIR ADVICES — 3 min. reading

Brush diameter guide according to hair length

HAIR ADVICES  — 3 min. reading

Brush diameter guide according to hair length

Are you one of those who after blow drying with the round brush you do not have the result you wanted? It may be because you do not have the correct size. With this guide Learn with Termix the keys of round brush diameters to choose well according to the length of your hair.

Guía de cepillos redondos por longitud

If there is a versatile brush with hair, it is the round brush. It allows to straighten the hair, round the ends and even create long-lasting waves in the hair.

One of the great advantages of round brushes is the softness with which they leave the hair. They allow a finished and elegant blow-drying and thanks to current technology, each time easier and in less time.

It is clear that you need -at least- a round brush in your life, but which one should you decide for, where can you start discarding?

Of course, the round brush you choose has to be made with the latest technology at the service of the health of your hair. There are materials such as ceramic and tourmaline, which help to dry the hair in less time and without damaging it.

But surely another question arises: What is the diameter of the most suitable brush for my hair? It will depend on two things, the length of your hair and the hairstyle result you are looking for.

Discover our tips to choose the most convenient round brush taking into account the length of your hair before deciding on one.

The simple things

  • The most basic rule of thumb is that the shorter your hair, the smaller the diameter of the brush you choose. On the other hand, the round brush with a smaller diameter will allow to add volume to the ends and curl the hair, while those with a larger diameter will give a soft blow-dry and a perfect straightening.

This would be a simple first guide to choose your first round brush, but if you are already one of those who know the advantages of blow drying with it, we can go into more detail with the different diameters that there are and with which of them to achieve the best finish

The 17mm diameter is ideal for Pixie haircuts. It helps us both to shape if we work the upper area selecting small sections or providing a natural volume by applying air to the root of the hair.

round hair brushes 17 mm

The 23mm diameter is perfect for shorter bob styles, either to provide texture with a wavy effect or to blow dry without adding volume and rounding the ends inward.

Ejemplos de Peinados con Cepillo Evolution Basic 23

Get the most out of your medium hair with the 28 mm diameter of your round brush. You will achieve a hairstyle that is full of naturalness or if you want, focusing on waves in the middle and ends as if they were taken from a professional iron.

Hair brushes

The 32 mm diameter is ideal for making waves in hair that go past the shoulders. It is the most versatile and very easy to use for both smooth and wavy finishes.

Examples of Hairstyles with Evolution Basic 32 Brush

The 43 mm diameter is the most suitable for long hair, along with the 32, but with different results. The 43 mm round brush gives you smoother, more volume if you want and less marked waves.

Examples of Hairstyles with Evolution Basic Brush 43

This is the fundamental guide of diameters for brushes according to the length of your hair, but remember that you can also choose the brushes depending on the type of finish you are looking for.