Hair advice— 3 min read

After vacactions hair… now what?

Hair rescue after summer

Hair advice— 3 min read

After vacactions hair… now what?

Hair rescue after summer

The sun, the sea, the chlorine … your hair looks weak and dull after your glorious summer? No worries! Getting back to work with a perfect hair is possible. We help you overcome the post-holiday stress of weakened hair with these few tips and recommendations.

Choose coconut oil as your must have

It is made up of 90% saturated coconut acids and is one of the most nutritious substances for hair. Coconut oil protects and revitalizes hair, moisturizing it deeply. That is why it becomes the ideal companion for the driest and most damaged hair. You can use it as a mask, conditioner or use it in spray format.

Time for a haircut

Removing some centimeters is usually essential for it to regain the vitality of our hair and thus eliminate the zipper effect. That is, that the condition of split ends ends up affecting us in more length of our hair. But how much should the hair be cut? Eliminate the part that has been affected by chlorine, salt or UV rays. Experts recommend the universal measure of at least 5 cm to ensure fully prepared hair for the new season.


High protein diet

The hair is composed of structural proteins that are responsible for covering or protecting the hair structure. Does keratin sounds to you? It is one of them, which also has a fundamental role in the formation of the hair follicle. Thus, the structural proteins in our hair are not only important for hair protection, but also for their growth. That is why they are so important in our diet. When we lack them or if our body does not know how to synthesize them properly, it can result in brittle, dull and much more impoverished hair.


Use the right brushes

If you want to keep your hair healthy without giving up an impeccable molding, watch out for the professional hairdressing tools you use. The Termix Evolution brushes are a good ally for your daily brushing. Why? Because they are the only hair brushes designed to treat different types of hair. The new Evolution Special Care, for example, has very soft and flexible fibers that adapt perfectly to damaged hair, allowing it to be molded, without stressing it too much. With this, we manage to avoid hair splitting and dull appearance


Subtract heat and add time to the hair

Dedicating some pampering to the hair is something 100% advisable if we want it to be perfect. To do this, we must avoid using the dryer or our usual hair straightener at a temperature that is too high. The effective control and regulation of the degrees of heat applied to the surface of the hair, will help preserve the protein structure that protects it and, with it, its brightness. Even if it takes you a little longer to dry your hair … nothing deserves it more than healthy hair!


Use this trick to maximize the shine of your hair

You need a brightness boost. And there is no better trick than this: apply cider vinegar on your hair after your usual wash. Leave it on for a minute or two and rinse with cold to warm water. You will see what effect!


Invest time in yourself

Dedicating time to those hobbies or activities that you love is essential to overcome the post-holiday syndrome. Not all your life begins and ends at work, so having an escape route is one of the best alternatives to defeat stress. That stress reduction will also help stop hair loss.


Start with the easiest and apply the ‘Pomodoro’ technique

Remember that the organization of tasks is essential to avoid falling into desperation. Also to feel efficient and increase productivity. Experts recommend starting the day with the simplest tasks, to slowly wake up the brain and train it for the rest of the day. In terms of productivity, the chosen one is the Pomodoro technique, which consists in dedicating a maximum of 25 minutes to a task and resting afterwards. With this, we will be able to focus our efforts on something concrete and clear ourselves once finished.


Laugh at everything

Laughter is the best antidote for the return to the routine. And is that laughing releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which helps to relax the body, reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Similarly, these released endorphins help calm pain and serotonin acts as an antidepressant. In addition, laughing also has positive physical effects: it helps oxygenation of the skin and strengthens the immune system. And how does it affect the hair? Well, we will get more scalp irrigation, which will result in faster and healthier hair growth.