Looks — 5 min read

7 tips for a perfect hair color

Looks — 5 min read

7 tips for a perfect hair color

A first diagnosis is your hair’s best protection

A perfect hair color is not always easy to get, mostly when you’re not exactly sure of what you want. So we’ve been looking for the best professional tips to help you understanding the secrets of a good hair coloration and a natural hair dye. Roberto Alegre, from the famous Spanish Lorena Morlote hair salon answered our questions.

The first step towards a good coloration decision is to be sure of your hair nature and health. This will determine its ability to be tinted. “It matters a great much to know on which base we can work the color”, confirms the colorist. “For if the hair has been damaged and looks bristle, there can’t be no bleaching and the color must be worked with natural pigments and tone, in the same tone as the basic hair color.”

At home or in a hair salon?

Most people tend to think that they save money by realizing a homemade hair coloration. But unless you’re a true color specialist, a homemade treatment is almost never adapted to what your hair truly needs. “When you entrust a specialist with your hair, not only will he/she give a good diagnosis of your hair’s health, but also perfectly control the timing it can be exposed to a chemical product, as well as the perfect spreading of the tint. Thus, he/she will precisely determine the result. That’s the best way to avoid a capillary catastrophe”.

In addition to an expert savoir-faire, a salon’s coloration will last for longer and in better conditions than the ones we can do at home.

The color ritual

Another secret for a bright color is the ritual that surrounds the product’s application. Before all, the hair can be washed with a specific soft shampoo which will intensify the color, and take a good time to massage the head so that to stimulate the blood stream.

Then, for a clear and bristle hair, “it would be preferable to start a curative treatment a week before the application of color. Using serums, oils and highly hydrating products, you give the hair an extra nutrition and strength, and effectively reduce the dryness that weakened it.

Stick to the essence of the hair

You can of course choose to experiment new things but if you aim at a sane and healthy hair, there’s a color rule you might have heard of: go for a natural tone, which will be closer to the original’s. “The more it is based on the natural hair tones, the neater will be the result”, claims the coloration director from Lorena Morlote’s hair salon. For that matter, he insists, “the treatment the most people ask for is the balayage, a most natural dying.” With a balayage, for instance, you mostly highlight the natural shine of the hair, thus protecting its essence, strength and structure.

Strengthen the natural shine

When you have reached the perfect combination and display the color you’ve always wanted, you will need to take good care of it. “Use specific shampoos, without sulfates or paraben, which will protect the color and won’t make it blander.” According to Robert, “using high-quality products, such as thermal protections, will prevent the color from oxidation, and maintain it brighter for a long time.


Brushing and hairdryers… or not?

A brushing is always recommended, when it abides by two simple rules: distance and temperature control”, warns the colorist. Obviously, a frizzy hair doesn’t reflect light nor reflects any brightness. Hence there’s a need for a good cuticle protection, when realizing a traditional brushing. “Simply do not abuse it. Turn the hairdryer on at a reasonable temperature and keep it at a 15cm distance from the hair, so that it won’t burn it.

How to make the color more radiant than ever, and for longer?

For a colored hair to be full of light, you’ll have to use quality hair products at least once a week, such as shampoos, masks etc. And you can add special oils to protect your hair from external aggressions such as sun, cold or a very hard water.” You should also avoid chloride-treated swimming pools, and treat your hair as you’d do with your skin: if you put on some facial cream for a reason, this might apply as well to your hair.

Now that you know about the 7 secrets, which color will be yours?