News — 3 min read

Trend alert! Bold colors are back with C·Ramic Colors

News — 3 min read

Trend alert! Bold colors are back with C·Ramic Colors

Trends are made to be reinvented and adapted to our own personality. So this year, we’re going to focus on bold colours, as this year’s Fashion Weeks have spoken: Colours will be adorning your style with lots of strength this spring-summer. The new C·Ramic Colors brushes are finally here to give a boost to your hairdressing tools! And style, after all is a question of attitude.

So, what colour defines your personality?

The colours of this season will be electric and intense, and the one-colour trend is really in this season. Be it in your accessories to team up with a snake-skin print, or for a complete monochrome look, you’re going to be going colour crazy! –In a good way, we promise. The most sought-after colours of this season will be: blue, coral and rose.

Princess Blue

Given the recent statistics, blue is the obvious winner when it comes to our favorite color, with a 56% majority. It is related to a sporty, competitive spirit. Transmitting confidence, intelligence and consistency. Qualities of someone who considers themselves a go-getter, full of ambition and that doesn’t give up, regardless of the obstacle they are facing. Sound familiar?


Living Coral

Orange tones are for those that consider themselves unique with a lively, bubbly personality. Only 3% choose this bright colour as their favourite. The Pantone brand chose Living Coral as their Pantone of this 2019. It’s a colour that is strong, with a soft finish, transmitting positive, happy vibes. Sign of optimism, for sociable people, who love and adventure. Does that sound like you?


Bubblegum pink

We’re not talking about fairytale pink. Bubblegum Pink is a shade that talks about attitude. Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to stand up and defend their beliefs, reinvent their style whenever they want and without needing anyone’s consent. If you’re creative, with a rebellious soul, this is the colour for you. Give more strength to your style!

So, what colour defines your style ?