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Termix presents its new releases in Panama

news — 3 min read

Termix presents its new releases in Panama

Termix has been leading the hairdressing industry for more than 30 years, providing innovation and quality in the hairdressing tools. With this in mind, Termix continues with its global expansion strategy, this time in Panama, one of the markets where the beauty sector is experiencing a pressing growth.

From May 21st to 22nd, Termix presented its brand philosophy, as well as its latest innovative products with its Mexican Brand Ambassador Daniel Alvarado. In addition to being able to exhibit live a great technique endorsed by the stylist, Termix has also been able to count on the support of Tradex, distributor in this corner of the world.

Women’s empowerment Masterclass

Attendees were able to enjoy Daniel Alvarado’s masterclass, where he reviewed the latest hairdressing trends, based on women’s empowerment and the unmistakable style of the 90s with the third feminist movements of the Riot Grrrl. Daniel Alvarado captured it in three excellent looks that define this need for freedom and expression. Hairstyles where waves, volumes and hair movement were the highest standards. On one hand, the classic bob with a twist where the textures made it a very moving cut, perfect for that active and independent woman. And then two opposite styles: waves and an impeccable smooth hair to bring out femininity at its best exponent.

Evolution and Special Care: the brushes that talk about innovation and quality

And these demanding, charismatic and necessary looks needed a professional hairdressing tools to endorse them. Termix’s brand ambassador presented the Evolution hairbrushes range: the only ones designed for every hair type. And introduced its newest collection: the Special Care range specially designed for damaged hair. With a new combination of fibers, diamond-shaped vents, and an ergonomic handle, they reduce the drying time by 30% and, in this way, reduce the exposure of the hair to the high temperatures of the dryer, for a personalized and safe blow dry.


Termix, ​​present in more than 90 countries

Thanks to the constant investment in R & D, Termix is ​​already synonymous with quality in more than 90 countries. A constant and dynamic work that has managed to export the ‘Made In Spain’ stamp, thanks to the differentiating feautures of the Termix hairdressing products evaluated by many professionals as the most high-end and most innovative tools.

A differentiation that is proven by the wide and excellent reception that Termix products have, a company that already exports more than half of its sales. A progressive work that involves organizing events with the hairdresser as an absolute protagonist, where Termix is ​​present to advise clients, recognize their demands and offer products to satisfy their needs, as well as the latest trends in style and hairdressing.