Hair advice — 3 min read

New Evolution Special Care hairbrush: for fragile hair-types

Hair advice — 3 min read

New Evolution Special Care hairbrush: for fragile hair-types

Elegance and softness. The new Evolution Special Care hairbrush has arrived to take care of the most delicate and fragile hair. Thanks to its exclusive composition of fibers, sculpting the perfect blow-dry on damaged, fragile hair is done with ease. So here it is: the new and improved way of revitalizing hair, thanks to the Evolution Special Care hairbrush. Want to find out more?

Bad habits, environment-related factors, aggressive hair-dyes and products which don’t favor your hair’s health. There are many factors involved in the deterioration of hair fibers. For all hair-types that have been exposed to this type of damage, the new Evolution Special Care hairbrushes are here to save from a bad hair day. Guaranteeing soft, shiny, healthy looking hair to all!

Bronze: a trend that can be found everywhere

Metallic accessories and designs that have included this particular tone are to be seen everywhere this season. It is a trend inspired in the industrial décor feel, which introduces raw materials such as wood and metals, which makes this style quite minimalist, and perfect for any hair salon that is looking to keep up with the latest trends.

What makes this particular metallic tone so special is that it fits in perfectly with many colors. This year’s Pantone color of the year Living Coral is also a great match for those seeking to give a fresh new look to their space.

These bronze tones can also be seen on the catwalks, whether it be in textiles or make up and it looks like it’s here to stay in all design-orientaded contexts. That is precisely why the new Evolution Special Care hairbrush has been given this sultry dark metallic color, for an extra added touch of style to any salon with the same style ideas in mind.

What can I expect from the new Evolution Special Care hairbrush?

This new hairbrush has been created to take care of fragile hair with all the softness it requires, because:

  • Exclusive combination of fibers. They are much more flexible, which means that they adapt to perfection to the texture of fragile hair.
  • Seals the hair follicle. It is made from materials that respect the structure of the hair’s composition, which avoids the creation of split ends.
  • Diamond-shaped vents reduces drying time by 30%. This means that hair is exposed to the minimum amount of heat needed to dry and style.
  • Fibers are Ionic. Frizz and static electricity is eliminated at the simple contact of the hairbrush, which also boosts shine.
  • Light and comfortable to hold. The handle has a rubber anti-slip finish, which adapts to any hand perfectly, so you can create whichever style you want with all the softness and ease you need.

A brush perfect for…

Protecting and revitalizing the most delicate hair-types. This new addition of the Evolution family has been made to give back health and shine to the hair that needs it most.

Outstanding Professional Results

Revitalize your hair with the new Evolution Special Care.

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