History and evolution of the hair brush

Beauty has been a universal quest and an essential preoccupation since the origins of humanity. Makeup and hair care have been part of its history, as the hair brush has also been one of its most important tools. First as an ally of capillary health and afterwards as indispensable tool for the enhancement of hair beauty. Now, the hair brush lives its golden age, after a surprising evolution with the innovations of the last decades that have transformed it in much more than a simple brushing tool.

Timeline of the history and evolution of the Termix hairbrushes

There is little evidence of the first appearances of the hair brush as we know it today. However, the first use of the comb dates back to 5000 years ago, and as the brush, it had the main function of cleaning the hair. In its most primitive versions, it was made with bones, ivory and then with wood and metals. The hair brush then started incorporating natural bristles of animals as the wild boar or the camel to eliminate knots, clean the hair and enhance its brightness.

But, when does the thermal round hair brush appear? With the aim of not only style but also of molding the hair, we find its predecessor in the hot curlers of the beginning of the XX century. With the same concept, a wooden hairbrush with natural bristles appeared and evolved into a more efficient tool. From these beginnings, Termix has worked to continue adding innovation and transform the hair brush into an ally of success of the hairdressing industry.

Timeline of the history and evolution of the Termix hairbrushes: Termix Professional

After the wooden brush with natural bristles, there was the need of more lasting brush, with better, faster and more effective performance. From this new concept, the Termix Professional hairbrushes were created.

The natural boar bristles were substituted by high quality nylon 6.6 bristles to get extra grip in the hair, and extend its useful life since they are not burned and they have memory (they return to their original shape and position after brushing).

The barrel was also changed by aluminum, with circular vents for a better air flow that accelerated in a 50% the drying process, in comparison with the wooden traditional hairbrushes. 

Timeline of the history and evolution of the Termix hairbrushes: Termix C·Ramic

With time also came the ceramic. The Termix C·Ramic hairbrush covered the needs of the more technical and design enthusiasts, keeping the same format, bristles, and vents of the professional brush but incorporating the advantages of this new material in the tube.

The ceramic coating brings brightness and a polished, smooth finish to the hair, since the ceramic distributes evenly the heat and maintains a balanced temperature while it is used. It also brings softness and prevents static electricity.

And for innovation and design lovers, it is the hairbrush range with more creativity with special and limited editions, like the C·Ramic Colors hairbrushes in the Colors Pantone of the year.

Timeline of the history and evolution of the Termix hairbrushes: Termix Evolution for each hairtype

The qualitative leap comes with the Evolution range, born to satisfy the most demanding with the care and health of the hair. Under the philosophy of intelligent care, Termix creates a unique concept in the market: a brush for every type of hair (fine, normal and thick).

The first range of brushes adapted to each type of hair, revolutionizes the hairdressing industry not  only with a fiber specifically designed for the needs of each hairtype, but with a tube whose coating passes from ceramic to PTFE (better known as Teflon). PTFE prevents the accumulation of waste such as aerosols and provides greater smoothness of the hair.

Another innovation came with the diamond-shaped vents, instead of the traditional circular ones. With this new shape, the air flow increases by 10%, thus reducing the drying time by 30% over other conventional aluminum brushes.

The handle is also replaced by another one more ergonomic, with a soft touch and non-slip effect favors the grip even with wet hands.

Timeline of the history and evolution of the Termix hairbrushes: Termix Evolution XL

In 2016, another revolution arrives: the Evolution XL hairbrush. With the advantages of the Evolution hairbrush range (the rhomboid-shaped vents, the ergonomic soft handle…), Termix creates a longer, faster and versatile hairbrush for new hairstyles and techniques.

The barrel incorporates an anodizing treatment that combines and melts the PTFE with the aluminum, which increases its resistance to corrosion and wear.

The bristles are 6.6 high-quality nylon but are designed for all hairtypes thanks to a modification in their quantity and thickness.

And those 3 centimeters extra of length are ideal to create new effects in the hairstyles, which are long-lasting and are achieved in a more efficient and fast way, also avoiding  tangling problems or need of “more brush”.

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