Evolution hairbrushes stand out in the MCB Mondial Coiffure tradeshow

Termix has shone in MCB international tradeshow due to its Evolution range of hairbrushes. The unique range of hairbrushes that are specially designed to each kind of existing hair type. Come with us and live the experience!

Trends, fashion, style and above everything, high hairdressing. There is a schematic resume of MCB Mondial Coiffure Beauté which has arrived to its end the past 16th of September. And in this edition the number of international visitors has increased in about a 30%. A number that demonstrate the huge importance of the hairdressing world in Europe.

Evolution Special Care: the most wanted hairbrush

Termix couldn’t miss this international event as an opportunity to show its latest launches and brand novelties. Hair products that are based on the innovation applied to hair care. So on, Termix has bet for its most significant range of hairbrushes: the Evolution one. These are designed for working with every existing hair type, in order to help the professional to get the best results.

But the real success straightly went for the Evolution Special Care hairbrush. A hairbrush created to take care of the most damaged hairs. Thanks to its fiber combination, this hairbrush softly mold the mane, without breaking it. After its use, the hair will return to show a brighty look and even more healthy. That’s why this hairbrush was selected as the favorite one for the visitors, hairdressing professionals or not.

A lot of talent, fashion and trends in Paris MCB

It happens all over again. The success of the Hairworld competition organized by OMC had happened again. This year, more than 1330 have been the contestants coming from all around the world who have participated in this show. Fashion collections, new trends and creativity were presented in the runway, sharing style and a new way of hairdressing.


But now, the gates of the MCB tradeshow have been closed, letting behind them a lot of talent and passion. Thanks a lot to all the visitors who come to visit us. We’ll be waiting for you in Madrid Salón Look 2019!

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