Looks – 3 min read

Red alert: we spotted the glamorous trend of the season

Looks — 3 min read

Red alert: we spotted the glamorous trend of the season

Will you dare sporting the trendy colour that Termix spotted for you this season? Let’s unveil the mystery for there’s one colour which has never gone off the fashion screens: simply RED. Ready for a cardinal glamorous 2018-2019 winter trend?

Red as a life symbol

Why always coming back to red? Probably because it’s the gourmet colour which opens your appetite for life. Easily used in food and wine communication, it will naturally make you hungry for anything.

red trend

Furthermore, you might have noticed that red has always been a feminine colour, and has been so for long as it was for instance the wedding dress’ code in Medieval ages (red was actually the longer-lasting colour people could use to dye clothes).

No wonder why you’ll then find red in every beauty and cosmetic codes, for red has become the colour of beauty. And thus you might have had a glance at red spots on the catwalks this year…

red trend

Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Weeks have granted a sensual and powerful role to red hues, as you’ll catch it in geometrical or crazy prints, sparkling over white backgrounds, on femme fatale dresses or as a unique accessory to emphasize an outfit. Just dare!

red trend

But red is also the colour of power and running life in your veins, a bright tone which reveals a staggering personality. From the Antiquity, it’s been associated to high power symbols and keep being so.

So many reasons to just go red, right? Whether you sport it on your outfit or in your hair, red colours will tell a lot about you. Here is what you’ll display of yourself, emphasizing your features with red:

  • A passionate temper
  • A feisty personality
  • An unlimited determination
  • A fierce thirst for life
  • A deep sensuality

Choose the right red for your face

The main question, when you want to go red – in the hair, not in the face – is: will it fit me?

And here, the universal answer will be that it all depends on your complexion. In other words, you should choose your hair colour according to the colour of your skin.

White and clear skins

The ideal colour for you is a copper red, verging on auburn, adapting the intensity to your boldness. The clearer is your skin, the more natural you’ll seem, even with a flashy ginger-like red, which will give you some kind of an Irish touch.

red trend

The bold choice: a bright strawberry red will enlighten your fiery personality.

Olive and dark skins

The ideal colour for you is a strongly, matt pigmented tone. With close-to-natural roots and brighter tones in the middle, so that you can create a contrast but keep it natural. A deep, intense red will blaze your features up.

red trend

The bold choice: a matt rose red for a tasty and truly original colour.