Looks — 3 min read

New viral trend alert: Glass Hair

Looks — 3 min read

New viral trend alert: Glass Hair


Ever dreamed of a shiny and extremely smooth hair? The very new celebrity hair trend has nothing to do with the fragility of glass but with its extraordinary results: ultra-shiny strands in a sleek, sharp bob. Want to know all about this surprisingly versatile look many celebrities (including the Kardashians) are obsessed with? Keep reading and discover the best tips to get the glassing finish.

What is Glass Hair?

If last summer we talked about how surfer waves reminded us that effortless hairstyles were the most coveted … this summer its all the opposite! Celebrities have jumped in the Glass Hair, the new trend that shines by itself and brings a fresh touch to the Bob cut. Because the “crystal hair” is characterized giving an extreme shine, mirror effect.

Perfect, polished and flawless hair

But, what is Glass Hair exactly? Well basically a sharp haircut that is styled to smooth, polished, shiny perfection. Straight lines and homogeneous fall, where the volume practically does not exist. And of course, the glass like texture, its most significant feature.


We have already seen its effects on celebrities such as Haley Baldwin or Dua Lipa. The Kardashian sisters have also joined the Glass Hair trend.


How to achieve the glass hair look?

If you also dream of owning this new hair style, we bring you some tips to bring out the maximum brightness and homogeneity that your hair is capable of transmitting. Ready?

It is clear that the primary key of this look is located between the shine and the smooth end. Well, to achieve the Glass Hair effect it will be essential to take care of the hair focusing on all aspects of the Hair Routine: from washing to molding

If you still wonder how to get the Glass Hair effect in your Bob cut, we give you a series of infallible tips that you can not miss

If you still wonder how to get the Glass Hair effect in your Bob cut, we give you a series of infallible tips that you can not miss

Tips for a perfect Glass Hair effect in your Bob cut

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and make smoothing easier.

When applying it, first spread it in your hands so that it takes temperature and gently massage the hair root. Then spread it to the tips without rubbing, to avoid tangles. Rinse it with warm water and, at the end, add a little cold water. You will enhance the shine of the hair. If you wish, as the key to a shiny hair is its hydration, apply your favorite hydrating mask and let it act for a few minutes.


Detangle the hair in wet.
Remove small tangles that have arisen during washing with a wide-barbed comb. In this way you will avoid damaging the cuticle and, in turn, you will reduce the breakage of the hair. Start at the tips and go up progressively, so as not to drag the knots to the weakest part of the hair. Once dry, brush again, this time with a detangler brush with flexible and soft bristles, like the new Colors detangling brushes.

Dry your hair by using an antistatic hair brush, such as Na·No.

It is a brush with metallic fibers that avoid the frizz generated when rubbing the hair when combing it. In addition, its perforated elliptical allows a greater amount of air to pass through it, so you can dry your hair faster. In this way, you will avoid exposing the hair to the high temperatures of the dryer and reduce its dehydration. At the end of the blow-drying, use cold air to help your hairstyle last longer.


The straightening iron is a must for this hairstyle!

However, it is very important to choose the correct tool when it comes to hair care and professional results. In this case, we recommend the 230º Black Edition hair straightener, which, thanks to its ceramic and tourmaline plates, allows to maximize the shine of the hair. In addition, it allows to adjust the temperature from 130 to 230ºC to always obtain the best results for every hair type without damage. A plus: use a thermal protector before using the hair straightener, in this way, you will create a protective film to preserve the natural moisture of the hair.

glass-hair-styling-step by step

And finally, to get the ultimate glass hair, use oils and serums.

Once you have your hair dead straight, enhance the shine of your hair by applying an oil or serum to finish with and get that light-reflecting sheen.

Join the new trend of Glass Hair!