Looks & Trends — 3 min read

What is the Midi haircut and why it got so popular

Looks & Trends — 3 min read

What is the Midi haircut and why it got so popular

Today, we go for the “in-between“. The neither short nor long, but chosen resolutely. A lot of celebrities, bloggers and other media stars recently made the mid-length hair super-trendy, using the midi haircut to clean the hair and strengthen it. Second decisive argument with mid-hair: its lightness and the comfort it brings when summer comes. Topped with a stylized bang, curled or bleached and super-straight: there’s no doubt that you’ll find here a new inspiration for your next haircut…

Wavy Lob and electrifying colour


Some actresses got it very clear: the LOB (for “long bob”) doesn’t have to be boring anymore! No more classical short bob, and long gone is the uncontrolled length, when waiting for the hair to grow long for months. Stars such as Lucy Hale or Margot Robbie display it a little messy and just grazing the shoulder.

This wavy lob haircut went up really trendy as it doesn’t need much attention, on the contrary. It’s messy touch makes it quite easy to wear, in any circumstances. Best popular option is to create a side-parting, putting the hair mass left back behind the ear. This freelike hairstyle perfectly fits round and large faces.

And for an even more trendy style, dare opting for an astonishing colour, that will help overcoming any classical suspicion from your haircut. You can play with pastel colours, bleached ends or ombre hair, as long as you feel free to follow your own, personal inspiration.

Get a sophisticated touch with…

Saying your hairdresser to slightly layer very specific strands of hair, so you can give it more natural volume. You’ll get a much more natural look and a fresh effect.

Curly Bob

Just a bit shorter… As you get classier with fancy curls, you leave the messy waves behind and get your hair up to the ear in a perfect movement. The curly bob is quite bold, yet structured and artistic. Sublining the jaw, its curls have to be well designed so that they refine the facial features.

tendencia melena midi

Good point: you can keep it really messy and forget to brush your hair, as it will only get more volume. But if you’re looking for the elegant version of a Scarlett Johansson, slightly brush it and untangle your hair with your fingers before you put it on onde side. This hairstyle even fits fine, low-volume hair, and reveals its full potential.

Furthermore, the curly bob will look perfect on you if…

You have got a sharp-featured, bony or rectangular face.

Curtain fringe + Messy Bob = Perfect Match

Bangs never go out of fashion. And, of course, there had to be a specific fringe trend for the midi haircut… The curtain fringe style! No joke here, the open bang got to Queen B. herself… So why wouldn’t you dare parting your bang too?

tendencia melena midi

This type of bang is opened at the center, curtain-like, and reveals what a bang usually hides… The forehead. So that it has to be long enough to be ejected to the sides, hence offering lots of hairstyles opportunities. You can tie it with a clip on top, for a rounded style for example.

This fringe would be perfect on you if…

Well, there’s actually no “if”. This little hair detail is the perfect way to make yourself look younger, among others.

Midi sleek effect

Now we’ve seen everything about waves, curls and messy hair, it’s time to travel to the other side… And display the latest hair trend that everyone noticed on the red carpets this year: a completely straight mid-length hair. The key to this perfect hairstyle is to have your ends cut with the utmost precision. Then, choose a parting, on the side or central, and carefully straighten the hair with a professional iron.

tendencia melena midi

This style applies to asymmetric or diamond-shaped faces , as it re-balances the features. Like Hailey Baldwin, you can set the hair back the ear and shine big jewels for a very stylish contrast.

Pale hair will totally match midi sleek hair if…

You let your dark roots appear on top of it, as the trend wants it.

And you… Do you have a personal trick to display a midi hairstyle?