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Hair colour trend alert: go polar blonde now!

Looks & Trends – 2 min read

Hair colour trend alert: go polar blonde now!

It’s neither blonde, nor white or grey: we said PO-LAR! This is the icy wind you needed to renovate your features for a fresh new start. Just melt in the hair trendy coloration which hasn’t left the main stage for ages now: the polar blonde.

What is Polar Blonde about?

Grey hair? Never!” This is a basic sentence which most women have thought if not said, enforcing a general taboo on grey and white hair. A polar blonde colour, though, might change your perspective: it gives you a strong temper with a soft touch of delicate, snowy sensitivity on which you can easily play. And it’s nothing like supposedly grey hair!

When we say “polar”, we mean a new blonde, which has gone over Kylie Jenner’s “Granny Chic” touch, as much as the traditional platinum blonde with its yellowish notes. Polar blonde took its light from the Marilyn blonde and its white in a grey Nordic tone, for a unique and icy colour.

If symbols can convince you, white is the sparkle between day and night, it’s the open page which makes everything possible, it’s light and brightness, cleanliness and silence. It’s your page to write, your style to create. And a strong sign of auto-affirmation.

Why does polar blonde got so popular?

You might have notice that not only men can wear greyish hair now, but also women, playing with white tones. This might explain for a part that top-trending blonde, as a new feminine affirmation.

White has always been the wise colour, that respectable characters wear. In a beard, in the hair, it’s always been worn and attributed to wise and mature men, with a slight despise when it came to women. Have you notice for instance how we all agree on the glam side of black and white hair when talking about George Clooney… But how we didn’t find its feminine equal? Well, the trend has just started to shine on both genders.

Displaying brightwhite hair is also a way to strongly assert oneself. Choosing a polar blonde is still a rare decision, even if more popular every year. If you assume it, you’ll reach a royal presence, Daenerys Targaryen or Frozen style!

Along with all these reasons, polar blonde is a shiny trend which emphasizes the feminine of your features. Using a dark red lipstick or a very pale one, you can change style in a snap, from a “femme fatale” look to a soft ice queen as you like. Just follow your mood!

Did you know that…?
Fun fact: Celtic warriors, if not blond enough, used to dust their hair with ashes, for they believed that white hair could be more impressive on the enemy. White hair was thus a synonym of power and magical strength.