Creative ponytail in just 3 simple steps

The ponytail is the timeless hairstyle par excellence, perfect to achieve a simple and elegant look that highlights our features. That is why the fashion specialist, Mabel Boon, brings us these simple steps to update the high ponytail and achieve a creative ponytail in just 3 simple steps. Here are his tricks and in the details you should pay attention to:   

Creative ponytail in just 3 simple steps

Step 1

Create the ponytail and get the stylized effect: 

First we use the Termix Paddle brush to brush the hair and create the high ponytail. It does not have to be perfect, if there is a lump nothing happens, what we are going to focus on is that it is tight and centered.

  • ATTENTION: so that the ponytail is well stylized, we are going to look at the high point of the eyebrow and we are going to imagine a diagonal line to the high point of the head. This is where we want the ponytail to be.
 creative ponytail

Step 2

Hide the rubber: 

If you want the ponytail to be longer, you just have to use more rubber bands, so you will create a kind of wall. With a lock of hair  spray  Style Me Sexy  and  turn the ponytail to hide the elastic bands. If necessary, we anchor a fork for more support.
spray ponytail
Find your favorite hair spray

Step 3

Create texture:

With the Termix Evolution Curling Wand hair curler, create imperfect, loose waves in different directions. Once you have the ponytail with the waves, you can loosen them a little with the brush. To give texture, spray Style.Me Dusty Powder all over the ponytail and with your fingers you can finish styling the hair. You can also add volume and pull the strands out from the front.
ponytail volumizing Dusty
Mabel Boon advises us that …

“This hairstyle is not to be worn with freshly washed hair. Better to wait for the second or third day, so you can have a little more texture “

This creative ponytail in just 3 simple steps is a perfect look to go to work on those days when we don’t want to wash our hair. Do you dare to do it at home?

Mabel BoonMakeup Artist and Hairdresser
Her personal style is to combine hair care, art and creativity to achieve innovative beauty.
Specialized in the Fashion sector.