Looks — 3 min read

80s are back and you are gonna love it!

Looks — 3 min read

80s are back and you are gonna love it!

We know it, don’t hide it… You’re an eighties nostalgic, and that’s ok! The Walkman in your hand, VHS movies, Lycra, geometric accessories, high waisted jeans and extra-large sweaters, glam rock music, Pacman and Mario, bob hair and fantastic, cult series… It’s no mystery why the decade has come back to the front stage, so let’s dive in the 80’s together, you’re gonna love it!

The nostalgia doesn’t only resurface from the cultural strong basis that we inherited from the eighties, but also from the design and fashion that marked a radical change in creativeness and still remains unrivalled. Let’s see together the esthetic revolution it’s been!

Madonna Inspired

Marked, large eyebrows. Wild frizzy hair, with a smooth strand or bangs. Eccentric, geometrical-shaped clothes with a huge belt to emphasize the waist and flashy, colorful accessories. Powerful makeup with intense red lips and cat eye… And “Like a Virgin” in the back. For Madonna became a huge reference in the music area, along with the fashion industry! Her “Desperately Seeking Susan” look inspired generations until nowadays.

peinado estilo madonna

Fuente: pinterest- 80s hair

Teased hair deflated into super buns with side bangs and the same color palette as for the new generation of hair accessories. Add huge jewels and smoky eyes and you’re the new queen of pop!

David Bowie’s chic era

Psychedelic lines and extravaganza belonged to the 70’s… But Bowie did know how to revive a limitless fashion into something new. From the striped Ziggy Stardust to the elegant Let’s Dance era Bowie, there’s just a few years and a strong dose of self-assertion. Mixing a flamboyant personality with a chic style, you get a revisited, wild quiff with long bangs, open collars, white gloves and colorful – but plain – suits with a flashy detail accessory.


Fuente: Indigital

Fun fact: Suits are just back with a new trendy version… The empowering, fancy and original business suit for women. From Bowie to Meg Ryan, there’s a special room for eccentricity and professionalism.

Glam Punk mix

We owe this inspiration to new musical and fashion geniuses such as The Cure’s, Roxette‘s or Boy George and his messy hair. New rule, though: let go of the dark, gothic hair and choose a white, Nordic blond which evolved from the famous 80’s platinum trend. Go for a shaggy haircut, which will give you an “effortless, stylized touch”. Opt for medium length and let it go rebel. Break the softness adding a dark eyeshadow.

A tribute to Annie Lennox: be flashy!

The eighties are well known for their colorful audacious creations, in every domain. Fluorescence and neon were two of the major lightening marks of the decade, which you could find on magazine covers, through advertising, fashion and beauty industries… And of course, hair’s!

Annie Lennox was quite a pioneer in that field, and her famous short, flashy hair was a strong, independent, self-assuming message. So strong that it actually became almost common and can now be worn as normally as you’d like.

Now, as the eighties invaded back every domain (series, music, fashion, hair and beauty), feel free to dig whatever enhances your creativeness and brush it on!