All for beard grooming and man haircare is now possible thanks to the fully equipped Termix Official Barber Kit. This kit consists of a corded hair clipper6 different and adjustable guide combs, a cleaning and maintenance set and a special brush for fades. The Official Barber hair clipper works at a 10w power with an oscillating motor of 6000 rpm.

Among its technical advantages, the new hair clipper includes a  chrome-plated blade with high precision and durability, which can be adapted to 5 different heights, allowing to create perfectly defined fades. Furthermore, the special brush for fades facilitates the work, as it eliminates all the remaining hair while doing the perfect cut.



  • CHROMATED BLADE: chrome-plated blade, highly resistant to corrosion. Its special chrome coating makes it easier to clean and boosts the hardness of the blade.
  • HEIGHT SYSTEM SETTER: Blade height setting up to 5 intermedium levels, allowing to create the most perfect and polished fades with no visible marks. 
  • POWER: Termix Official Barber hair clipper works at a 10 w power, with a magnetic motor of 6000 rpm which offers a 50% more capacity being even more silent than other hair clippers.
  • ATTACHMENTS INCLUDED: The kit includes 6 guide combs to create different haircut possibilities: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm.
  • COMPLETE CLEANING KIT: Contains a brush and oil to clean up and maintain the blades after use.
  • SPECIAL BRUSH FOR FADES: A special brush, 100% made of boar bristle, very useful for cleaning up the haircut area while doing the fade technique, improving the visibility and comfort of the professional.

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