Rockabilly: the new barber hairstyle trend you must join to

Everything comes back! This time we go back to the past, straightly to the 50s, remembering Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” song. And trying to recover a unique style, we make a premonition accepting that Rockabilly has returned to stay as the most wanted barber trend for 2018. Do you want to know what this trend is about and how we can apply it to hairstyles? Turn the radio on and move at the rhythm of the rock classics while we explain the main points of the Rockabilly style!

A good toupee, charismatic sideburns, a perfect leather jacket, black jeans and thick sole moccasins. Those are the elements, which combined, create the perfect Rockabilly, who must look like the main character of the famous film Grease. The Rockabilly style is a trend that has been evolving as time goes by, reborning by decades with new accessories or elements, but maintaining the basis that expels some type of revolution meaning. It is an American movement that appeared by the strong combination of music and social changes. And in the 50es decade it bursts out as a genre with perfect autonomy and personality.


El estilo Rockabilly tendencias de pelo para este 2018

So on, paying attention to characters as Johnny Cash, we can visualize the hairstyle which defines Rockabilly style and to point out why it has returned to stay as the new trend for 2018. It is a very accurate hairstyle, characterized by high toupees, well-done sideburns, side fades and a strongly marked hairlines. Those three are the basics to became a copy of Elvis Presley and remember the happy 50es decade.

But, as our commitment is to evolve constantly, we accept the advices of our favorite barbers in order to adapt the Rockabilly hairstyle revolution to this new age. Arthur Heiderick and Danilo Alfonso renovate this hairstyle, beating for naturalness and using the new Termix Official Barber products range.

productos de barbería termix

What Rockabilly consists on?


  • Well-defined hair sides, using fade technique. It is necessary to outline it the maximum because this is one of the main points to get a perfect Rockabilly hairstyle. Due to the versatility of the Termix Barber hair clipper in combination with the special fades brush we could obtain this result easily.




  • The messy effect of the toupee. It seems like a contradiction, but in it we find the evolution of Rockabilly hairstyle. So, we let away the perfection of the smarmed down hair to accept the freestyle effect. The hairstyle evolves into one much more natural, boosting the volume and hair direction.


Con la máquina Barber de Termix podemos lograr los apurados más satisfactorios para conseguir un look Rockabilly perfecto.


  • And last… what should we do with side hairline? In this case, we let it as an optative matter, because it is now a complement, used when contributing to boost the beauty of the person.


Es importante dejar los laterales cortos, para conseguir resaltar el tupé y exhibir un estilo Rockabilly perfecto



el look rockabilly final dónde lo importante es conseguir el máximo brillo del cabello, con el cepillo de puli barbas lo podemos conseguir


And now that we have already recovered the most genuine Rockabilly style, it is necessary to mention the Pin up style, its perfect match. The Pin up trend has been at the spot light through the years, in total looks or even using some dresses or the emblematic peep toes, which we have seen on celebrities like Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, the actress Marion Cotillard or the singer Cristina Aguilera. And in the Pin up style, the hairstyle is the most important piece to show, because it transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.


Las celebrities también se han sumado alguna vez al estilo Rockabilly, acentuando las ondas y con tupés exagerados


In order to get a hairstyle similar to Dita Von Teese, first of all we have to do some waves, the perfect frame to the face. An effect that we can get using the Pink Velvet hair straightener, which, due to its tourmaline and ceramic plates, is capable to boost the hair shine to the limit. But if you prefer to define better the curls, use the electric  Pro Styling Hairbrush, in order to obtain perfect waves in a very easy way. Another of the musts of this style is the shell shaped toupee, which will decorate the hair raising it up to its maximum. In order to obtain this result, we only need hair clips, hairspray and a precise hairbrush as the styling Termix hairbrush. But we can go further, decorating our hair with a cloth or a ribbon tying it up in the high area of the head.

And with these simple steps you will be ready to dance at Rock’n’roll rhythm. Don’t miss it out and release your Rockabilly spirit!



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