Termix presents the new Evolution Special Care brush. A brush that is specially designed to take care of the most delicate, fragile hair. Thanks to its unique combination of fibers, sealing the cuticle to perfection for healthier, sleek and shiny hair. A bronze colored brush that has been created to revitalize the most dull, damaged hair.

Special care for the most delicate hair.

The Evolution Special Care brush incorporates a new balance of fibers, which makes it perfect for taking care of the most fragile hair that’s prone to breakage. With every use, the Special Care fibers penetrate the hair and seal the cuticle, resulting in hair that is healthier and shinier. A perfect way to give back the light to hair that has been highly treated, which tends to look opaque and limp. This is due to the general dehydration within the hair structure, making it more fragile thus breaking easily. This is why using a brush that is specially designed for this hair type is essential. Avoid breakage and boost shine, for healthier looking hair.


The results

From an opaque and dehydrated hair texture, to one that is shiny, healthier and full of body. These are precisely the most important and immediate results after blow-drying with the Evolution Special Care. Hair is more manageable, has bounce and with incredible shine. Discover the new revolution of hair brushing with the Special Care hairbrush range.

Why choose it?

This Premium brush combines the latest technology with a bronze, modern design. Its unique fibers respects the delicate structure of the most color-damaged, sensitive hair, restoring softness for a perfect result. Healthier, shinier hair is now possible

The diamond-shaped vents of the tube facilitates the blow-drying process, reducing the drying time by 30%. A characteristic that efficiently contributes to diminishing dehydration, as the heat impact on the hair will be much shorter. On the other hand, the hair is more easily managed, thanks to the ergonomic and anti-slip handle, which adapts perfectly to the stylist´s hand.