Termix is an innovative brand and world leader in professional hairdressing tools manufacturing.

30 years ago, the Spanish hair marketing expert Enrique Dols utterly transformed the sector. He had a unique idea to reduce the drying process: replace the antique, round and wooden hairbrush for an aluminum one. There he had his first biggest invention, on which he bases the whole philosophy of his new brand: Termix.  From now, he would dedicate his energy and all the newest technology to improve the daily hairdresser’s comfort.

Thus he defined his mission as providing every professional with the best tools, meeting their demands and desire. Since then, we’ve always been very listening to the consumer, as he is the first source of our creativity. We keep on inventing and innovating according to what professional tell us of their daily work and anticipating what they really need.

10 years later, his new associates started opening Termix to the world and developing the new revolutionary idea in the hair market: Termix Evolution, the first range of hairbrushes that would totally adapt every type of hair. So that the brand became every hairdresser’s best ally all around the world, offering for the first time a chance to fully personalize hair care.

Termix’s new CEO leadership recently gave the company its 3.0 shape. This modern influence boosted Termix’s international presence and widely expanded its products range.

Therefore, Termix grew up over the years along with its star product: the hairbrush. It will always remain the best ally for a quality, professional work, as it has now become far more than a simple tool, in the vanguard of expression.



Apart from the blatant passion that moves us, Termix always commits to its capital values:

  • We focus all our attention on innovation, always looking for the latest technology to deliver the utmost service.

  • We ensure the highest quality through the whole process of production, to create the best long-lasting tools.

  • Our production is Made in Spain, as another mark of our high quality. We care about our craftwork and our special Spanish touch. We respect the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which guarantees the commercial, social and quality requirements and means that all products must respond in order to fulfill the procedures endorsed in the Quality Manual. This specific qualification is high-demanding and constantly revised, which means we submit our whole production to new controls every three years by an external auditor. Being that exigent, we offer a two years warrantee on our products.

  • Our head boils up with ideas under the shining sun of Barcelona, while our hand execute it all a few kilometers upper, in the province of Lleida. But we provide a worldwide presence, which increases our necessity to achieve perfection, as our products are being used and recommended by professionals of more than 90 countries.

  • We emphasize the health of the hair and the professional treatments that our products tend to improve.


Termix is committed to creating and delivering innovation for every new product that combines excellence with high efficiency to meet the demanding needs of consumers and hairstyling professionals. The R&D department focuses on designing products based on technological innovation and a selective choosing of raw materials.

The high- quality fiber of its hairbrushes is one of the known secrets of the company’s success. All Termix hairbrushes incorporate high performance bristles that are much more resistant to heat, with the best resilience of the industry. They have memory to return to its initial position and stiffness easier They are memory shaped, so that they go back to their original position while maintaining their stiffness. Besides, bristles are placed perpendicular so that the hair can slide better on the tube, with a better grip.

Termix hairbrushes are assembled by heat to achieve a perfect union of all components under pressure. Through this process, a dilation of the plastic material is produced, ensuring extreme resistance and durability.

We operate a manual and unitary fiber verification process, unique in the beauty and hairdressing industry.


Termix professional brushes are guaranteed to the public for two years.