Dols Industrial de Peluqueria, S.A. -TERMIX is an innovative brand, leader in the professional hairdressing tools manufacturing that has as main commitment to offer the maximum quality and service to its customers. This distinguishing point, is reasserted by the incorporation of new manufacturing technologies, which improves the efficiency of the offered products, taking as a priority the ultimate professional results. Following this philosophy, the company’s wide experience reaches 30 years of dedication and leadership in the professional hairdressing industry, as the brand in which distributors and professionals around more than 90 countries decide to rely on.

Termix products are nowadays consolidated as the ones of best quality of the hairdressing and esthetic sector, thanks to the wide range of hairbrushes and other innovative products. 

This work has been supported with the ratification of ISO 9001-2008 certificate, which holds the solutions and commercial, social, and quality requirements that products must accomplish in order to fulfill the procedures endorsed in the Quality Guide. The qualification commitment demanded for the receiving ISO 9001-2008 certificate are high-demanding and they are constantly revised every three-year term by an external auditor. With this actions, Termix is sure of accomplishing its purpose of Constant Improvement, standardizing the procedures and rmaking a combined effort in all its departments in order to develop R&D.

The certificate is a recognition of the well-done work and the dedication of professionals that shows the effectiveness of team work and the incorporation of new technologies in order to develop high quality hairdressing tools and with the commitment of a constant evolution. This concern for innovation allows to offer a wide range of products specially addressed to collaborate with a leader brand in the sector. Constant improvement philosophy and Smart Thinking are concerned onto the Termix manufacturing process, as well as in all its departments which work together to offer the best of services with high quality support. A conscientious combination of avant-garde technology with craftsmanship derived from a careful team work.


Termix aparece en La Vangaurdia, consolidándose así como una de las empresas más punteras dedicadas a la peluquería profesional


Taking as a reference the motivation to constant improvement, Termix strengthen up its position as a leading brand between companies of professional hairdressing sector, with the ratification of ISO 9001 – 2008, which recognizes a professional career alongside 30 years of history. R&D brand department creates and designs products based on most recent technological innovations, focusing on this strategy as in the election of materials as new products.


Our manufacturing process  is our work philosophy to guarantee the best high-quality products, combining technology and avantguard with craftswork to take care of every single detail.

Termix is committed to creating and delivering innovation for new products that combine excellence with high efficiency to meet the demanding needs of consumers and hairstyling professionals. The R&D department focuses on designing products based on technological innovation, also in raw materials.

The high- quality fiber of its hairbrushes is one of the known secrets of the company’s success. All Termix hairbrushes incorporate high performance bristles that are much more resistant to heat and are the most resilience that exist in the industry. They have memory to return to its initial position and stiffness easier. In addition, the perpendicular placement of the bristles allows the hair to slide better on the tube and have better grip.

Termix’s hairbrushes are assembled by heat to achieve a perfect union of all components under pressure. Through this process, a dilation of the plastic material is produced, ensuring extreme resistance and durability.

There is a manual and unitary fiber verification process, unique in the beauty and hairdressing industry.


Termix professional brushes are guaranteed to the public for two years.