The Evolution Soft Brush: Termix’s answer to volume for fine hair

You’ve always dreamt of volume and magical waves in your hair, but you’ve got thin hair and whatever you do with it, it seems to always flatten down. Well, we’ve got a few tips for you, so that you’ll soon be able to follow whatever look inspires you and build on the potential of your fine hair to its maximum capacity.


First, let’s clarify something : thin hair doesn’t always mean small amount of hair. For example, know that blond people, usually seen as thin hair, display around 150,000 hair on their head, that is 20,000 more than brown haired people. So why, you ask, do they seem to have far less hair? It’s not a matter of density, it’s actually about the hair structure. We’re dealing here with a much more brittle and fragile hair, as its cuticle diameter is by far smaller than in a normal hair. That’s why we always need to take specific care of this type of hair.

To give it the treatment it deserves, we have to use the right professional tools, adapted to this hair’s nature. One of these might be the Evolution Soft, a Termix brush specially designed to protect and keep the thinnest hair healthy. How? Using a new exclusive blend of fibers, softer than nylon and perfectly adjusted to the needs of fine, fragile hair. Once you’ve chosen the right brush for your hair, we’ll start with the tips for more volume in thin hair.

1. Feed your body – and your hair – right

To display shiny, strong hair, your first step will be healthy eating. Our hair is made of proteins and minerals, which means it needs specific nutriments to keep growing right and endure our speed way of living. If you want your hair to be strong, from the inside and the outside, you need Vitamin A rich foods that you’ll find in green vegetables, olive oil and raw food, or mango and apricot. You’ll also need natural collagen that helps strengthen up the hair and facilitates iron absorption. You’ll find it highly concentrated in broccoli, orange, spinach or in fish. Eating the right amounts will guarantee a healthy, lustrous hair!

2. Wash your hair right: the key so success

With this type of hair, you should be gentle even in the basic details, using tepid water and avoiding high temperatures that deeply weaken the hair. Don’t hesitate in massaging your scalp while under the shower, and insist on that specific root area. On the contrary, you should barely touch the ends, but rub them with a conditioner and rinse it off with cold water. If you can, rinse all your hair with cold water, it will straighten the roots and create this volume sensation you desire.


3. Use the right tools to keep your hair healthy when you style it

Next step is selecting the perfect hair accessory to fit the nature of your hair, and knowing how to use them right. In this case, as thin hair is more fragile than any other, don’t forget that it will not tolerate very high temperatures. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use a hair straightener, for instance. The right iron for you should include a temperature control – as every Termix iron does – to allow you to shape your hair until 180ºC max to avoid damaging it. If you blow-dry you hair, you should set your hairdryer to a medium-low temperature, to avoid dehydration.

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4. Find the perfect hairstyle for your thin hair

As we want volume, you might fancy some messy waves that would perfectly fit fine hair. A long bob haircut is ideal, with large and messy waves for a massive texture surge.
Bonus tip
: switch up your part once in a while, to avoid flatness. But if you’re bolder, go for a short or pixie cut, with asymmetrical lines that generate the illusion of volume to give you an added spark to your look!

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