Termix unveils its new C·Ramic Pride hairbrush collection

Again this year, Termix presents its new C·Ramic Pride edition, a vibrant collection of six hairbrushes created in support of the LGBTQ community under the claim that everybody should be able to show and be exactly who they are, with freedom and no need of approval. Because many are the attributes that make you unique and we are proud of everything that defines you. Maximize it!

Discover them!

The C·Ramic Pride brushes arrive taking pride in diversity, using the colors of the pride flag, a symbol of freedom with the colors of the rainbow to proudly acclaim a message of tolerance and inclusion. And with this message in mind, this is what the C·Ramic Pride hairbrushes offer to maximize your style:

cramic pride_hairbrush

  • Pride Pack: The C·Ramic Pride edition includes 6 brushes in the rainbow colors of the following diameters: 12 ø, 17 ø, 23 ø, 28 ø, 32 ø y 43 ø in a new transparent case.
  • High Quality Ionized fibers: That get rid of static electricity, avoids hair damage and boosts shine to its maximum capacity
  • Barrel with ceramic technology: Ensuring that the temperature is maintained and distributed evenly, reducing drying time and increasing the quality of hairstyles.




Why these colors?

As some of you may already know, they are not just colors. The LGBTQ flag was born in 1978, with the need to send a message of respect and acceptance. Its creator was the activist and designer Gilber Baker who, at the request of the organization of the gay pride march in California, created the well-known flag. A strong message of tolerance and vindication of equality in a real diversity summarized in 6 colors that affirm that self-confidence is the first step to love others. But what does each of these colors hide?

RED: It is translated as life or energy. An impulse to keep going, that also keeps nuances of passion and sexuality

ORANGE: Healing or renewal. It symbolizes health and success

YELLOW: Reflecting the sunlight, promise of a great future

GREEN: A vindication of the natural, the idea of ​​renewal implicit in nature

BLUE: Symbolizes harmony and serenity, as well as freedom

VIOLET: It is interpreted as a human spirit, a concept linked to the union



Why do we celebrate the LGBTQ or Pride day?

Today, in its 51th anniversary, the struggle to claim essential rights began. In the New York of 1968, where homosexuality was persecuted by law, law enforcement began a raid on a pub called Stonewall Inn. A bar that worked as a “hiding place” for all those who wanted to express their sexuality without being repressed, until that day. And to avoid being taken to prison, the citizens reacted against the agents and began a confrontation. A fact considered as the first manifestation of gay pride in North America, known as the “Stonewall Riot” that opened the eyes towards tolerance and the much desired social respect.



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