Termix stands out in Salon Look Madrid 2019

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Passion for styling. It came as no surprise that this year, again, Termix became the leading brand in Spain’s most important cosmetics and beauty exhibition: Salon Look International Madrid. New releases, editorial looks, live hairdressing and much more have come together in Termix’s surprising booth of this edition of Salon Look 2019.

salon look 2019

Salon Look has already closed its doors. And it does so after having welcomed more than 1,300 cosmetic and hairdressing brands, with an influx of more than 60,000 national and international visitors. A hub of aesthetics and hairdressing where Termix premiered its first line of finished products Style.Me, as well as other innovative releases. A revolution for the brand that celebrated with the hashtag #StylingLove suspended more than 6 meters high, its passion for hairdressing and haircare.

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#StylingLove: because the best of a style is to be able to choose it 

In the largest stand proposed by the firm for Salón Look, Termix began its adventure in Madrid…. With a revolution: launching the brand’s first line of finishing product. Fifteen different products for perfect finishes, all of them enriched with natural oils and essences to complement Termix’s already leading hairdressing tools.

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Visitors to our stand were able to check the results of these products, thanks to our fleet of experts willing to mold and fix the hair of anyone who approached the hairdressing and barber area of ​​the booth.

New releases for healthier hair

Besides the new range of finishing products, Style.Me, Termix presented as well its first curling wand Evolution. A conical curling iron of decreasing diameter to create perfect waves and curls with its innovative tactical sensor to regulate the temperature. Together with this new release, the Termix Professional Wild styling iron, also became a star launch of this new edition of Salon Look.

modelo curling wand salon look 2019

All them, complementing Termix’s classics: Evolution brushes, which extend the family with the incorporation of Special Care. The bronze Termix brush specially designed to care damaged hair.

Trend shows and talents

Of epic dimensions were also the special guests and outstanding hairdressers that Termix invited to participate and introduce the new releases. Influencers, TV stars and other national celebrities participated on stage with Termix’s brand ambassadors to offer their talent, creativity and knowledge. Hair artists who unleashed all their inventiveness to offer us the new trends in hairdressing and expert advice best valued.

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salon look annie and paula moya

rosa benito_manuel zamorano_salon look 2019

Termix had the honor of having Luis Miguel Mori, who landed on the Termix stage from Peru to offer us three red carpet looks inspired by the fragility and movement of the hummingbird. We also have Arthur Heiderick, the soccer players’ barber, who came from Lisbon to make non-stop trend cuts. The stylist Cochi Alexander also proposed a collection with waves of extreme trend using the new Style.me products to achieve a spectacular effect. We had space for editorial looks with Naomi Gayoso and Rodrigo Galo who wore the mane of their models in glitter and neon color. And between change and change, the stylist Manuel Zamorano took the stage to transform the hair of our guests. And we can’t leave the great Annie Cruz who showed us the latest Instagram hair trends.

naomi gayoso salon look 2019

luis miguel mori

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As we cannot stop talking about talent, we closed this deployment of hairdressing with Paola Lagos, winner of the first talent show in Chile, the Termix New Talent, which offered us its winning style. And to boost the shows and take care of conducting the most anticipated interviews, we had at our stand the tv reporter Desirée Hernández who made us enjoy every minute of live broadcast through the official Facebook channel, Termix Spain.

new talent paola lagos salon look 2019

salon look interviews

Gifts and more gifts for everyone

And serving the cocktail that pays tribute to the shared passion we feel for hairdressing, we had the famous television tender bar, Matías Roure, in the clients area with a great photocall to immortalize the moment.

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And as we love taking care of our fans, we distributed brushes and many gifts in the roulette game that we opened this year. Were you one of the lucky ones to win a new Wild iron?


Termix Goes Green: the beginning of change

recycling bag

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Termix also surprised this year with the Green initiative that aims to facilitate recycling points for thermal brushes. This is the first initiative of this kind worldwide, with which Termix will deploy more than 1000 recycling points to give old brushes a new utility.


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