The Termix Evolution XL hairbrush has landed in Argentina by the hand of its most international hair stylist. As new ambassador of Termix in Argentina, Leandro Toscano presents the advantages of this new hairbrush with three centimeters extra of length and new technology ideal for the hair care of Argentinian women.

Volume, long hair and movement. When it comes to hair, Argentinians have it clear. And under this premise, Lea Toscano presents a new way of working their long manes with totally different concept of hairbrush. With 3 centimeters extra of length, the Termix Evolution XL hairbrush allows working sections with more hair and in a vertical position. “This new size helps me achieve a natural movement in long hair”, explains Toscano. “People believe that there is no such difference with other hairbrushes, but there is. Its length and added innovation makes it a unique and very useful tool”, he adds.

Argentinihairstylist Leandro Toscano present the Termix Evolution XL hairbrush

5 advantages of the Termix Evolution XL hairbrush, according to Toscano

  1. Extra length: Its 25% extra in its drying surface allows to make a vertical brushing and work with much more amount of hair in only one Passover.
  2. Diamond-shaped vents: As with the Termix Evolution hairbrushes range for eah hairtype, the XL brush has an innovative perforated in form of diamonds instead of circles. This allows me to go much faster drying.
  3. PFTE coating: the new tube material is non-stick, which allows a perfect sliding. In addition, the tube is anodized, which makes it resistant to corrosion and wear.
  4. Ionized fibres: High performance fibres that resist high temperatures and eliminate static electricity, bringing more brightness and are ideal to work with more amount of hair.
  5. Ergonomic handle: ideal for working with wet hands because its touch prevents slipping. It also allows a firm grip.

Argentinihairstylist Leandro Toscano present the Termix Evolution XL hairbrush

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