This is how Termix takes care of your hair health

Changing haircut, hairdo, or colour, according to whatever inspiration or creative style we might fancy: it should always be easy and safe for our hair.

Termix focuses the best part of its research on protective technologies that will guarantee treating your hair with care, so you can freely express your creativity while our tools ensure the rest. Here is how Termix always protects and strengthens your hair:


Brushing is the exact moment where you can express your inventiveness. You can start sculpting your hair for the day, for an evening, or several times a day, as long as you have the right tools in hands.

Evolution: a specific treatment for each specific hair type

Thin hair can’t be brushed the same way as a thick one. Each type of hair requires its own care, and Termix understood that a long time ago.

Termix is the only brand to produce a range of brushes for every type of hair. The Termix Evolution range of brushes includes 3 brushes, adapted to 3 types of hair: thin, medium and thick. An afro or thin fragile hair will be well treated using a Soft brush, for instance, as a Basic one will perfectly fit a medium hair and the Plus a thick hair.

They’re the first and only tools allowing you to develop a new personalized methodology, adapting your technique to the hair and its specificities, fully respecting its health and natural strength.

Their fibres vary from soft to rigid, so that the brushing doesn’t get too aggressive on the hair. Their tube perforation is diamond-shaped for a better passing of the air through the brush, and reduces drying time by 30%. The hair can keep being fully hydrated with no risk of drying out.

This is what a hair looks like after drying and brushing with a normal brush:

And this is what it looks like after the same process using an Evolution brush:

The hair reflects 27% more light with an Evolution brush, compared to any other kind of brush.

In addition to its unique conception, each brush is made with ionised fibers, which eliminate static electricity and frizz effect. Not only is the hair fully protected, but it also gets its natural movement back, even after the use of a hairdryer or a straightening iron.

Boar bristle and beech wood: natural protection for the hair

Healthy hair must be brushed every day, with a penetrating move that eliminates the daily residues and dirt that the hair can absorb. And for the gesture not to be aggressive, Termix chose the most natural material: flexible but resistant boar bristles. Naturally made of keratin – also present in the human hair – their density also allows the sebum to softly spread from the roots to the capillary structure without greasing it, for a balanced hair.

Put together with a strong beech wooden handle, you have a 100% natural hairbrush, respecting thin, fragile hair, which you can use every day to reactivate the hair’s energy.



There’s more than the brushing, of course, and Termix excels at creating hair accessories that allows you to make the best of every type of hair, sculpting, modelling and playing with its structure, with no damage done. This is exactly what our whole electronic range of tools is about. Did you know that a smart electronic hair accessory isn’t only fitted for hair creations but also cleans and strengthens the hair when used correctly?

A straightening iron concentrating the latest protective technologies

A professional iron allows you to straighten, curl, wave your hair, by modifying its structure for a while and thus must be of the highest quality so that it truly respects it.

Inventing the new iron Termix 230º, we coated its plates with ceramic and ionic charge so that they evenly spread the heat over the strands while neutralizing the positive ions, for a well-hydrated, non-frizzy hair. And we added to these plates particles of tourmaline, a semi-precious stone which emits more negative ions so that the hair can be really smooth. And when heating, it helps sealing the hair cuticle, without drying it, for straight, thoroughly hydrated hair.

The iron emits infrared light, so that the heat doesn’t get straight to every hair but enters smoothly into the strand, thus protecting it from an aggressive exposure to a direct heat. These effects are then increased by an innovative use of nanotechnology such as nanoparticles of Silver, Titanium and Titanium dioxide, which eliminate the pollution particles attached to the hair structure and play an antibacterial role, for a perfectly sane hair after working on it. And to help you protecting your hair from burning, here is the temperature manual you should follow if you’re not fully sure of the right heat to set according to your type of hair.

The hairdryer that doesn’t dry the hair up

Drying hair must never lead to dehydrating it. Its temperature must be controllable so that it fits the hair’s nature, with a cold airflow switch so that the motor can cool down as well as the hair.

This is exactly what the Professional Compact 4300 does, for a perfectly mastered hairstyle, whatever your type of hair.

Termix keeps on working on the best way to make hair shine with all its natural strength, listening to professional feedback you give us. So, keep on telling us what you need, and we’ll apply it to the newest technological protective tools for even stronger hair.

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