Getting a sleek, shiny and straight hair is not so easy to do if you want to do it right. The same when it comes to a perfect wavy hair, specially if you want to avoid hair damage. Our technical manager, Eduard Boldova, teaches us all the secrets about our new Termix  230º Black styling iron that allows to get both styles while having a personalized hair care. Choose your style without hair damaging!


Flat ironing our hair help us create a very smooth and frizz-free hair with a sealed cuticle. To achieve a professional result the first step is to select the correct temperature for our hair type. In this case, no more than 180º. To do so, use the digital temperature controller that allows us select temperatures from 130º to 230º. Remember that a correct temperature helps us avoid us hair damage.

Don’t try to straighten too much hair at once – keeping the sections small will avoid ridges forming at the roots. In order to get the desired finish, work with a 1 cm hair section and with the plates perpendicular to de scalp. Then slide the iron towards the ends. Repeat the process until you get a perfect smooth hair.

Styling iron


A huge part of getting your flat iron curls and waves to turn out is using the right kind of flat iron! It is important that it has rounded edges, high-quality plates and of course, temperature setting to work with the correct temperature your hair needs.

Once we have picked the correct flat iron, start by preparing your hair working with a 1cm hair section. Do half rotation with the flat iron sliding it slowly towards the ends. The movable plates of the new Termix 230º black styling iron is prefect for better hair contact and to create different hair styles. By choosing horizontal sections from the top of the hair we can create a more opened wave with a more natural effect.

Repeat this in the opposite side, horizontally and sliding slowly the flat iron on the hair strand. In the crown area, we will work with the waves backwards, giving more volume in the roots but working in diagonal. For the contours area, work first at 90º the roots avoiding volume and then repeat the process as before. To get an even and professional look, use as a guide the previous wave and work the same in both sides. Remember to no add volume in the face contour area and look for the previous wave to guide yourself and create our last wave.

Styling iron

Watch the video to see the results!

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