The information included in these pages is the one with effect of the date from the last update.

The current conditions are effective from the date of their last update. TERMIX can amend them at any time; in this case they will be effective since their last release and will be applicable to all the users of the web from that date.

The information included can have errors or inaccuracies.

The web contents, specially the news and publicity references, if no exceptions, they are not binding offer. TERMIX has the right to introduce some amendments or dismiss partially or totally the current web contents if required, as well as to prevent or restrict the access temporally or permanently.


TERMIX complies with the current legislation in terms of data protection and with the commitments of the confidentiality from their current activity.

TERMIX adopts the technical measures needed to have a required level of security, depending on the nature of the personal data and the circumstances of the treatment, in order to avoid their alteration, lost, treatment or access non authorized.

When a completion of a questionnaire will be required with personal data, the customer will be informed from the recipient about the information, the end, and the address from the responsible from the file and the faculties of the user to have the rights to access, amend, cancel, and to oppose to the data treatment. The personal data collected will be treated with the expressed purpose and always with the agreement from the customer.

In order to update the information and to avoid errors in our database we ask our customers and users to inform us as soon as possible about any change in their personal data.

Some of the web sites from TERMIX can have cookies, small data files created in the computer from the user or the customer that allow our systems to record the language and the site chosen, as well as other characteristics or preferences in the first session of the User. Those “cookies” are not invasive or dangerous and have no personal data as their only function is to personalize their navigation.


The TERMIX website, the information or elements contents have texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, personal data, informatics programs, as well as logos, brands, commercial names or other distinctive signs, protected by their intellectual property, where TERMIX is the holder or legitimate licensee.


Any form of exploitation, including all kind of reproduction, distribution, cession to third parties, public communication, and transformation, through any support or medium, the work mentioned before, creations and distinctive signs without previous authorization from their holders. The breach from this prohibition could have an infraction punishable by the current legislation.

However the user can download or make a copy of those elements for personal use if the intellectual property right from TERMIX is not violated. Specially, they could not amend or delete them totally or partially. This will not mean an authorization or license to the rights from TERMIX or any company from the group. The user which downloads the contents is responsible of their use.

It will be forbidden, except in the situations authorized by TERMIX, to establish links, hyperlinks, from web sites to third parties or websites from TERMIX different to the main site, available in the address, or the one that will replace it in the future, as well as to introduce the websites from TERMIX or the information included through frames, signs, brands or corporate name from someone else, company or entity.

TERMIX can decide to restrict or limit the access to specific contents or registered users.


The user will be the only responsible from those acts or omissions that have been done with their account.

TERMIX does not guarantee the access, or the right view, download or utility of these contents and information required in the TERMIX website that can be disabled, difficult or interrupted by factors or circumstances out of control.

TERMIX is not responsible of the information and other contents in the spaces or websites from thirds which are accessible from the TERMIX website through links, hypervincles, or any information and other contents included in the web sites from thirds where you can access through links, hypervincles of the TERMIX website, neither the information or contents of any web site from thirds introduced through the appearance of TERMIX, except if they have been authorized by TERMIX.

TERMIX has no responsibilities regarding the information, any type of contents, products or services, that can be offered or provided in their web through third parts or entities, even if they are in the same economic group, specially for the damages and injuries of any type linked to the previous statements that can be made by: (i) absence or deficiencies in the information provided to the users or if correctness, exactness and sufficiency; (ii) breach or fulfillment defective or unpunctual of the contracts or pre-contractual relations; (iii) breach of the obligations of the service suppliers from the society of the information; (iv) breach of the rights from the consumers and users; (v) breach of the rights from the intellectual property; development of the acts of unfair competition unlawful advertising; (vi) breach of the right of data protection; professional secret and the rights to the honor, the personal and family privacy and the image of the persons; and (vii) in general the breach of any law, or behavior codes from the application.

TERMIX does not take any responsibility from damages, injuries, lost, reclamations or spending done by: (i) interferences, interruptions, mistakes, omissions, telephone faults, delays, blocks or disconnections in the use of the electric system, due to deficiencies, overcharges and mistakes in the lines and telecommunication networks, or any other reason outside the control of TERMIX; (ii) trespass through the use of wrong programs of any type and through any kind of communication, like informatics virus or any other; (v) security errors or navigation made by a wrong use of the navigator or the use of versions non updated.


In order to use some of the services from (TERMIX from now) the user has to give some personal data (Data from now)

From 1997 TERMIX has been strongly compromised with the preservation of the privacy of their users or visitors, in order to support the confidentiality of its Data.

TERMIX collect this Data in a correct and non excessive way, depending on its end, services and/or delivery of the site. In all the cases the tools used to find this Data are clear, determined and explicit in order to protect the legitimate rights of the visitors.

Consequently, and following the Organic Law 15/99 from the 13rd of December of Personal Data Protection (LOPD), the Data supplied by the user is incorporated in the automatic files, which can be proceed exclusively for the end described in the way specified in each form.

The Data collected in each form has only to include the necessary fields to provide the service or the information needed by the user.

The personal Data is treated with the right protection level, following the royal decree 994/1999 from the 11th of June, having the accurate measures in order to avoid its alteration, lost, treatment or non authorized access by thirds that can give a different use from the one required.

The user can exercise its rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancelation in the fulfillment of the established in the LOPD or to any question or personal comment to this matter, by sending with no cost an email to the following address:

By subscribing voluntarily, the user authorizes the automatic treatment of the Data provided, in order to provide the services required as well as for offering and hiring the products and services of TERMIX. Also the User gives his agreement to use his Data to other companies with who we have collaboration agreements, in order to provide a better service, based in Spain or abroad, respecting the Spanish legislation about the personal data protection.


All the emails sent to the Users include the clear and précised identification of TERMIX, as well as a simple process free of charge by which the recipient can revoke the consent given and stop receiving the communications mentioned.


TERMIX has the right to amend the current policy to adapt it to future new legislatives or jurisprudential, as well as to industry practices, advising previously to the Users about the changes applied.