Feel the glamour!

Make yours the softest, sensual Passion Red 230º hair straightener, which will fully revive your passion for beauty.

The new 230ºC Passion Red hair straightener is all about creation. Its innovative powers – mixed to a glamorous design – will boost every hairstyling skills to their maximum potential. Sculpt, curl, straighten and reinvent the hair, apply treatments and let your creative mind flow through this new hairdressing tool, for perfect and long-lasting results.

The Passion Red iron combines high-quality ceramic plates, a digital heat control system, infrared, ionic and nanotechnologies, with a softer touch than ever, so that Termix offers you a comfortable and professional work in any circumstances.


Ceramic Plates and Red Touch

Innovative and protective plates with an instantaneous heat recuperation system which evenly distributes the heat over the hair and never burns on a specific spot. The strand doesn’t dry up and the hairdo lasts for longer.
Comfortable grip with a red velvet touch, for a daily working accessory.

Ionic technology

By controlling the hair ions, you can easily manipulate, mould and sculpt the hair, without any unpleasant frizzy, electrical effect, and thus reducing the drying moment. The hair is fully controlled, and shines with brighter strength.

Smart temperature

Termix improved once more its temperature control, adding a new digital system in every of its 230º styling irons. Controlled independently by a PCB system, this regulation precisely adjusts the temperature from 130ºC to 230ºC (266ºF to 446ºF) for an optimal hair protection and a complete creative versatility.


Nano Titanium (Nano Ti) generates negative ions, thus compensating the positive energy in the hair to eliminate the unwanted natural static electricity charge. Nano Titanium Oxide (Nano Ti O2) eliminates the chemical, toxins or pollution residues that block the hair’s breathing. Then, Nano Silver (Nano Ag) provides your hair with an antibacterial protection, wiping out bad smells and cleaning the capillary fiber.