Paddle hairbrushes 80s style

The famous Termix Paddle hairbrush just changed style. Coming back to the timeless 80’s geometrical vintage shapes, it maintains its professional hair tool assets, providing the same high-quality health treatment for an optimal daily haircare.

Its rubber cushion base and its thick and resistant nylon bristles provide a soft brushing and detangling of all hair types (curly as well), dry and wet.

Upper-quality nylon fibres

Its thick and strong fibres make it the best, indispensable daily accessory to correctly untangle both dry and wet hair, without breaking it.

Polyvalent and handy

Its plane surface and its perfect fibres untangle any type of hair, whether dry or wet, and mostly thin or frizzy hair. The Paddle can also be used to straighten the hair with a hairdryer, during the brushing phase.

Vintage design

The retro style, directly inspired from the 80’s, is fully back in the game this year.

2 years of warantee

As we are sure of their superior quality, all our hairbrushes are guaranteed for two years.