5 Mother’s saying that ended up being so true!

She’s always been the one to tell you what to do and what not to, repeating the same words and the same phrases over and over for years. “Don’t chew your hair”. “Stand up straight”. And we’ve all spent those years rolling our eyes to her sayings before sniggering out of the house. But growing up, who never started thinking “oh, oh… my mum told me so…”? Who never realized that indeed, we’d all lose our head if it wasn’t attached to our shoulders…? What great tips she actually gave us.

Because – one way or another – mothers are our best life teachers, today we dedicate them at least a few minutes, to say THANK YOU and finally admit that yes, mother, YOU WERE RIGHT.


“Health is better than wealth”

An old saying that will never go out of style, and keeps being true in any circumstances. Remember when you wanted this famous sweatshirt or that other game console and she told you that money doesn’t grow on trees? That is how mothers comfort us later, reminding us that no money needed for as long as we have teeth, we can smile! Quite alike, you don’t need diamonds in your hair for it to shine healthily. A simple daily gesture might be all it takes to display a hearty smile and a strong hair. Using for instance a natural boar hairbrush for a superior brushing before sleeping, that will smoothen your hair and keep it glossy with a princess-at-heart touch.


“Finish your meal before it gets cold”

This one she might have said it every night and yet you kept mooning over your plate or talking too much, waiting for the food to disappear. And again… She was right. She was right to care about our feeding speed. Same as she was right to tell us to eat more fruits and cook our vegetables. Cause, as for hair issue, sane food is one of the main ingredients you’ll need. Natural and nutritional remedies like this will keep your hair strong and prevent it from dehydration or frizzing.


“You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt”

There are generally two kinds of children: the ones who deeply enjoy playing in the rain with galoshes or gum boots, and the ones who step back, paralyzed. And to the second ones (or the ones who scowled at showering), a mother often pulls out this magical anthem that we keep repeating ourselves years after when crossing the street under a heavy rain. Water can’t damage your hair, so there’s nothing dangerous at letting us be wet sometimes (and finding your own capillary washing rhythm as every hair’s got its own needs). If you fear the famous frizzing effect after a sudden deluge or because of humidity, just use one of the Termix C·Ramic brushes: their ceramic coating counters static electricity and deeply grips your hair mass to give it the shape you want.


“You can but you may not”

The trickiest sentence ever, and probably the wisest one. As Mick Jagger singed “you can’t always get what you want”, your mother made you understand that although you think you can do it, better think about it twice because it might not make you as happy as you dream of… The same advice applies to your hair, of course. When you use a professional hair straightener such as the 230º Termix iron, you might be tempted to use it at its full potential in order to achieve the best perfect hairdo. But although you could technically press this button, this should only be done in a hair salon, by a professional preparing his chemical treatment such as a keratin brushing.


“So, if your friend jumps off a bridge, will you do it too?”

You really want to attend this popular party but your mother said no. You insist, your best friend is going and her parents let her… You already know the story and the answer, right? Well, today we’ll be your hair’s mother and use her perfect argument to help you forgetting about your dream of having someone else’s hair. Because who’s never dreamt of having curly hair when one’s hair is flat? Who’s never got delusional about her best friend’s haircut but cried out for days after actually copying it and realizing it didn’t fit? A bit of inspiration is always a good thing, but remember to ask your hairdresser for advice, he’ll know better than any other which haircut, hairdo, color or treatment will be realistic on you.

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