Innovation and teamwork: Welcome 2018 Termix Convention


When there is teamwork and collaboration, success can be achieved. This sentence defines efficiently the work routine that Termix has followed during this 2017. A year that has been distinguished by innovation and constant improvement, and that has ended with great accomplishment: the Welcome 2018 Termix Convention, where the marketing team has shared results and prepares already new projects.  

A new year is always defined by a great start and new proposals that maintain the motivation activated in order to obtain the planned goals. Following this philosophy, Termix celebrated its anual convention in the Melià hotel of Sitges, to receive 2018 in the best possible way: launching new projects of innovation and constant development.

Termix meeting 2018

One of the most important particularities to maintain the success along 30 years of a leading brand is teamwork, joined with the development of high quality products. Further on, these are the keys of daily work, where talent and devotion are the main basis. This is an inspirational routine, created around the objective of being the favorite brand for professionals and all of those who rely on the brand, combination that has allowed to the company to expand and continue growing in almost 90 countries worldwide.

In all,  Termix team is already prepared for 2018, with new energies and expecting to improve the results of 2017.

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