Wild paddle brush collection

Control tangling with the new Wild paddle brush collection!

Inspired by the animal prints on trend for this season, Termix presents this basic tool for daily haircare –especially for long hair- to work through tangled hair without breaking or damaging it. In three different designs, each one more wild than the previous one, the Wild paddle brushes allow to effortlessly untangle wet or dry hair, but also to easily blow dry it.  Furthermore, its rounded prongs work their magic to offer a gently scalp massage for a much faster and healthier hair growth and a more comfortable brushing.



  • Three different designs: Animal, Bird or Forest? No matter what you choose, the Wild paddle brushes will bring out your wildest side.
  • Trend patterns: Inspired by the new trends where animal print echoes, the Wild paddle brushes come in different designs that will make you fall in love.
  • Soft and wide fibers: Its nylon fibers adapt to all types of hair and detangle without pulling or breaking.
  • Perfect to untangle dry and wet hair: The Wild paddle brushes work perfectly on dry or wet hair.
  • Enhance hair growth: The rounded prong of its fibers allow scalp massage while brushing the hair, which activates the blood supply and thereby enhances hair growth.

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