Evolution Special Care 4 pack

If you have fragile hair, the new Evolution Special Care hairbrush is for you.

With its exclusive combination of fibers, it has been especially designed for the care of the most damaged, fragilized hair-types that need some extra care.

The Evolution Special Care hairbrush has been made with fibers that grips onto hair perfectly, without causing any damage to the hair structure.

Shinier, softer and healthier hair is possibile with the Evolution Special Care hairbrush!



  • New combination of fibers that are more flexible, allowing to work on the most fragile hair without causing any damage.
  • High-performance ionized fibers that resist to high temperatures and eliminate frizz, bringing shine and softness to fragile hair.
  • Diamond-shaped vents that increase the air that passes through the brush by 10%, reducing drying time by 30% compared to other aluminium hairbrushes.
  • PTFE Anodized tube integrated in the aluminium, making it highly resistant to heat, corrosion and general daily use. It is highly resistant to high temperatures and its anti-adhesion attribute means it glides through hair smoothly, without any resistance.
  • 2 year guarantee and certification of European QualityAnti-slip handle specifically designed for daily professional use, as it adapts to any hand, even when wet.
  • Made in Spain. Designed and manufactured in Spain under a production process that assembles with heat and checks every unit individually.


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